Phenylketonuria treatment requires control of natural protein intake

Mar 23 - 2022

Phenylketonuria treatment requires control of natural protein intake

Phenylketonuria is a disease that can have certain health effects. pku treatment It is important to understand how to care for phenylketonuria so that patients can recover as soon as possible.

The symptoms of phenylketonuria are mainly characterized by growth retardation, that is, in addition to physical developmental delay, mainly mental retardation,

It is characterized by a lower IQ than normal infants of the same age and appears 4 to 9 months after birth.

Due to cerebral atrophy and cerebellar malformation, repeated convulsions, but with the increase and decrease in age, muscle tension, hyperreflexia, frequent excitement, hyperactivity and abnormal behavior.

If these symptoms are not treated in time they will become more and more severe and treatment is imminent.

The treatment of phenylketonuria requires the intake of l-phenylalanine to meet the minimum requirements for growth and metabolism.

Since natural proteins contain 4% to 6% l-phenylalanine, it is important to control the intake of natural proteins, as well as milk powders with low or no phenylalanine content.

Protein powders are the main source of protein and ensure adequate caloric intake. There are other treatments available. Phenylketonuria can be cured if you find the right treatment, so its effectiveness should not be overlooked.

The first step in the care of phenylketonuria is to make sure that the patient rests and does not overexert himself, as this may affect his condition. In addition, patients need to take enough protein and vitamins and other high nutrients.

Patients should not use stimulating foods and drinks that can cause excitement. Only then can the patient recover. Some diseases are congenital. If you are not satisfied with the results of treatment, you can only prevent it by prevention.