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Body metabolism abnormalities, 4 kinds of diseases "can not resist", immediately adjust

Mar 30 - 2022

Body metabolism abnormalities, 4 kinds of diseases "can not resist", immediately adjust

The body metabolism is carried out all the time, it keeps our body physically and mentally healthy, so that the body is in regular operation, once the body metabolism problems, the body situation is certainly endangered, and if this kind of metabolic problems are not cured for a long time return to care, there may cause many diseases, usually we see many diseases are caused by metabolic chaos.

Then, the body metabolism abnormalities will cause what diseases?

1, high blood sugar

High blood sugar is one of the most common metabolic diseases, its root cause is not enough insulin in the body, or some factors lead to impaired fasting blood sugar, so the blood sugar is not metabolized consumption, mild hyperglycemia as long as they pay more attention to diet with can, and long-term more serious hyperglycemia, will certainly lead to diabetes patients, therefore, diabetes patients also belong to the metabolic diseases It is proposed that such patients pay attention to the intake of sugar in their daily lives and eat more miscellaneous food.

2, high blood fat

When there is constantly high blood sugar condition, the blood sugar value in the blood can not be metabolized immediately, it will slowly transform into human fat, and the fat concentration value in the blood is very harsh, once the fat rate in the blood is too high, the concentration value of the blood will rise, when the blood is getting extremely thick, it is very likely to block the capillaries, thus causing a series of other cardiovascular diseases, so that high blood fat also belongs to the Metabolic diseases, in the daily we have to strengthen the prevention.

3、High blood pressure

For Chinese people, high blood pressure is a very common disease, and slowly tends to lower age, in fact, high blood pressure and high blood pressure is inseparable, because high blood pressure will promote the body's capillaries become smaller, when the blood flow through the capillaries, it suffers from increased friction resistance, thus leading to the occurrence of coronary heart disease. In addition, the pressure of young friends today are quite large, slightly can not control their own state of mind, often angry, will also cause the occurrence of high blood pressure.

4, high uric acid

The high uric acid especially in the high incidence in the summer, now has come to the middle and end of the summer, the people should pay more attention. The clinical symptoms of high uric acid is actually joint pain, it is one of the primary factors causing rheumatism, this kind of patients usually have drift metabolism problems, that is, the intake of the body's blood uric acid can not be adequately metabolized, blood uric acid a lot of accumulation caused by joint pain.

Warm reminder

Metabolic problems in the body, in fact, is not scary, and it is very much related to the daily diet, sleep quality and so on. These four diseases are the most common metabolic diseases, people must pay more attention and prevent, especially the middle-aged and elderly in the daily to eat less high salt, high calorie food, high purine food ingredients.