Metabolic syndrome: a chronic killer hidden in the body, do you really know enough?

Apr 11 - 2022

Metabolic syndrome: a chronic killer hidden in the body, do you really know enough?

metabolic disorder is a metabolic dysfunction of protein, fat, carbohydrate and other substances in the body due to the combined effect of genetic and environmental factors,

In the bed has appeared a series of syndromes. (The main content includes abdominal obesity, hyperlipidemia and insulin resistance).

It manifests as abdominal obesity, hyperlipidemia, and insulin resistance.

The formation of metabolic syndrome, unreasonable lifestyle is the main factor, malnutrition, lack of micronutrients and vitamins, excessive consumption of high-calorie food, and the lack of vitamins.

Excessive intake of high-calorie foods and processed foods, reduced physical activity, stress, frequent late nights, environmental pollution, poisoning, etc.

Age is also an important factor. The incidence of metabolic syndrome increases with age, which is understood as the aging of the body's functions.

After the emergence of metabolic syndrome, the body will appear obesity, fatigue, decreased immunity, increased blood sugar, increased blood lipids, increased uric acid, increased inflammatory response, vascular sclerosis and other phenomena.

These pathological changes promote each other and accelerate the deterioration of body functions, which is the basis of various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

With the development of metabolic syndrome, it may become hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other problems, and then lead to stroke, coronary heart disease and other high-risk diseases.

Early prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome is of great health value.

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What does metabolic disease screening entail?

A metabolic syndrome screening is what? Your waistline, blood pressure, HDL cholesterol level, triglyceride level, and fasting blood sugar are all measured as part of the exam. You have metabolic syndrome if three or more variables are abnormal.

Can mood swings be caused by metabolic syndrome?

High overall scores on seasonal variations in mood and behavior, and especially those in weight, are linked to MetS. Due to their simplicity of assessment, evaluation of these modifications may be a valuable MetS indication. In the winter subtype of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), MetS was found to be more common [26].

Is a medical test for metabolism available?

An examination known as a basic metabolic panel (BMP) evaluates eight distinct compounds in your blood. It offers crucial details on the chemical balance and metabolism of your body. The process by which the body consumes food and energy is called metabolism.