The proper way to operate an ear thermometer, hurry up and get it!

Jun 07 - 2022

The proper way to operate an ear thermometer, hurry up and get it!

Along with the development of society, braun thermoscan ear thermometerthe thermometer of the past has gradually been left behind us, and the convenient and exact ear thermometer has gradually become the new favorite in many homes in recent years. However, many parents do not thoroughly grasp the operation of the ear temperature gun, so the data information cannot be accurate. The following is a generalized expertise on this issue.

Pay attention to the natural environment of the test

In the process of temperature measurement, buy whatsminer m30s++ it is also necessary to take into account the appropriate length of time, because the ear temperature gun will be compared with the surrounding natural environment and compensation, must be carried out within the normal operating temperature for accurate measurement. The temperature of the human body varies with the change of the season, and the temperature of the body will also change somewhat after taking a shower or exercising. Therefore, the above conditions should be prevented as much as possible.
Cleaning and medical care
The ear temperature gun also needs to be cleaned, especially the tape on the top of the ear temperature gun must be neat and tidy, otherwise it will affect the detection value. In addition, the ear temperature gun application must point the camera to the ear drum, so the ear hole in the dirty things or earwax must also be cleaned, a small amount on the line.
Reason: The use of infrared sensor technology to measure body temperature, non-contact temperature measurement, more hygienic and healthy, to prevent mutual pollution caused by body touch. Rapid and accurate measurement of children's body temperature, only 1 second, eliminating the agony of long waiting. Can store 99 groups of ambient temperature memory, convenient for mothers to grasp the child's temperature changes anytime, anywhere.

Ear temperature gun many times to count on a high fever

When a person has a high fever, the plastic prototype inferior optic thalamus is the area where the body temperature rises faster, and the blood in the ear drum is connected to the inferior optic thalamus, so people detect whether a child has a high fever based on the ear drum.The human body temperature detected by the ear temperature gun is the ambient temperature calculated by the computer, and the human body temperature of children is higher, so within 2 years of age, an accurate measurement of ear temperature of 38 degrees or more is considered a high fever.

In fact, if the temperature does not exceed 38.5 degrees, we can help reduce the temperature at home according to the physical cooling method, such as giving the child a warm bath, so that the baby can fight against viral infections according to the immune system as much as possible, which is beneficial to the production of the child's human immune system.

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