Myopia control for children, please refer to these contents

Mar 20 - 2023

Myopia control for children, please refer to these contents

Many parents have the trouble that their children are only a few years old and suddenly can't see clearly, and they go to the hospital to see that they are already myopic. Myopia in children is likely to be pseudomyopia, but when it gets serious and becomes true myopia, it will affect the healthy development of your child's eyes. Myopia control in children needs to be effectively curbed to avoid an increase in myopia. So what are the appropriate control methods to use?

Myopia control methods for children

In addition to congenital myopia, myopia is caused by inappropriate eye habits, such as reading, writing, and reading electronic devices under bright light or dim lighting, and prolonged use of the eyes in such environments leads to refractive error and myopia. In addition to maintaining good eye habits, but also appropriate to increase some outdoor activities, the retina will release dopamine in the natural light, slowing down the myopia deepening. In addition, parents should control their children's time with electronic products, choose large-screen electronic products for learning, control the time spent learning to read, and do more eye exercises to relax the ciliary muscle and relieve eye fatigue. They should also take more food that is good for the eyes and have balanced nutrition.

MiYOSMART lenses for myopia control in children

In the market there are some ways to control the deepening of myopia in children's eyes, such as wearing keratoconus, also known as OK lenses, by changing the curvature of the cornea to refractive correction, has a good effect on correcting vision, and also for myopic children drops of atropine eye drops, can also be effective in controlling the role of myopia deepening. However, MiYOSMART lenses are safer than the previous two products in terms of non-invasive correction, minimizing the damage to children's eyes and effectively controlling myopia progression. This is a lens developed in cooperation with the School of Optometry of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to correct myopia control in children, with an effective slowing down of about 60%, which is obvious.

For this reason, children after true myopia need to wear appropriate glasses to control myopia deepening without damaging the eyes, this kind of lens is more suitable for children during the growth and development period. Parents who have children with myopia may consider getting HOYA MiYOSMART lenses for their children, so that they can control their myopia and have stable vision to avoid deepening.