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Use the child growth line to record the child's growth and development

Mar 28 - 2023

Use the child growth line to record the child's growth and development

As parents, we all want our children to be tall and to reach a standard height, but in reality, many parents are not low in height, but their children's height is not only not as high as their parents' height, but also too low, which makes parents very confused. In fact, if parents had used the child growth line to record their child's height earlier, this situation might not have occurred. Let's see how important the child's growth line is to the child's growth.

Drawing a child's growth span can monitor the child's growth and development

The child growth line is a chart published by the World Health Organization that monitors the child's height, weight and head circumference to see if the growth is normal. Usually, the chart consists of five curves. If the curve drawn according to the child's height, weight or head circumference is between these five lines, the child is considered to be growing normally, and the limit is between 3% and 97%, but if it exceeds the range of 97% and or 3%, then it is not normal and a doctor must be consulted.

Draw a child's growth line to understand the child's growth and development

Some parents feel that the more their children eat, the better, and the taller and fatter they grow, the better. Therefore, completely ignore the child's growth and development is to have a reliable scientific basis, if you violate this basis, the child's development will have problems. For example, too fat lead to the emergence of some diseases, such as too high lead to other problems in the body, etc.. Therefore, if you want to know whether your child's growth and development is in a normal state, you should draw a growth chart for your child.

Keeping track of your child's growth needs

Some parents spoil their children by playing whenever they want, regardless of time. In fact, for children to ensure adequate sleep is very good for growth and development, if the lack of sleep or poor sleep will affect the child's physical development. Then we should pay attention to the child's diet to be scientific and regular work and rest time. Drawing a growth chart for children is good for parents to keep track of what their children need in the growth process.

In short, if parents draw a growth chart for their children, they can keep track of the changes in their children's development, so that they can identify the causes and avoid any negative influences in a timely manner.