Children's toys evaluation summary, according to this guide to buy will not be wrong

Apr 20 - 2023

Children's toys evaluation summary, according to this guide to buy will not be wrong

Silicone children's toys have been loved by parents and children since they appeared in the market, there are various types to choose from, many parents will feel that this material is safe and reliable toys, in fact, this is because they do not understand the children's silicone toys, the Hong Kong Consumer Council recently gave a positive evaluation of children's silicone toys, but also let everyone re-acquaint themselves with children's silicone toys.

Silicone children's toys test and evaluation reveal the truth

Many people talk about children's silicone toys will feel the shape of soft and fluffy, there is no need to worry, in fact, this is not the case, many children's silicone toys have more or less problems. After the pull test, some children's silicone toys were found to be substandard samples, such as the little yellow duck, which is often purchased silicone toys are prone to the risk of choking caused by children swallowing inflatable pistons fall off, some similar to the bun pinching silicone toys are also prone to parts falling off, not to mention some of the squeezing effect of silicone toys, easy to flow out of a variety of chemical substances in liquid, may The problem of children burning their esophagus after accidental ingestion. There are some children's silicone toys are not labeled, do not meet the applicable age problem, there are also some carcinogenic risks, containing a variety of harmful ingredients, which also shows that silicone children's toys are not safe and reliable, be careful when you start.


Which children's toys are worth buying

After a comprehensive understanding of children's silicone toys, you can take this as a warning, carefully choose children's toys, the future in the purchase of children's toys, need to have a comprehensive understanding of its material, shape, structure, judging that there is no problem before buying with confidence. When planning to buy other children's toys, we should also be careful to consider the safety of toys, toy play, whether the toys are suitable for children's age to choose, but also pay attention to the educational nature of toys.

After seriously understanding the results of the children's toy test, we understand the original silicone children's toys is not a safe choice, choose other toys should also pay attention to these points, parents in the choice of toys for children to sharpen their eyes, but also can not rely too much on toys, or spend some time with the child, which can reduce the danger.