Why do we need high intensity exercise to burn fat?

Nov 10 - 2023

Why do we need high intensity exercise to burn fat?

Due to bad lifestyle habits and overeating, obesity is not uncommon among Hong Kong people. Young people want to have a fit body, not a fat body, especially for girls. Therefore, people will choose a variety of different ways to lose weight, in addition to diet, nutritious meals, exercise is more people's choice. Although exercise can indeed achieve the effect of burning fat, however, not all sports are suitable, only high-intensity exercise can burn fat.

Burning fat requires high intensity exercise

A very popular form of exercise is HIIT, in fact, through a short period of time to achieve high energy consumption exercise, coupled with short breaks to reduce the body fat rate. HIIT has a very famous after-burning effect, that is, after high intensity exercise, the body's muscles will produce a sense of fatigue, and then automatically consume oxygen to allow the body to recover. When oxygen consumption reaches the maximum oxygen intake, the body will activate the afterburning effect, in a few minutes to a few hours to consume oxygen and burn calories, you can get an unexpected fat burning effect.

Fat Burning Exercises

In fact, mini-steps and ski squats are high-intensity exercises, even for busy Hong Kong people, it only takes 10 to 30 minutes a day to get the fat-burning effect. If you don't have time to go out to exercise, there are many exercises that can burn fat at home, such as squat jumping, open and close jumping, or plank push-ups, etc. You only need to repeat or alternate one or two of these exercises.

Fat burning should not be localized

Some office workers want to lose weight in a certain area, for example, beer belly is very common, but targeting localized fat burning, in fact, can not do this. Because it has been proven from experiments that the location of localized training for slimming is not a targeted location. If you want to really lose weight, you can only carry out a whole body fat burning exercise, and you have to persist in order to achieve the effect. I hope that through this introduction, we know how to choose the right exercise.