2024 Flexible spot welding machine for lithium ion batteries

Mar 07 - 2024

Enhanced Rechargeable Portable Spot Welder Machine that has been upgraded 6 Adjustable Gear 18650 Battery Type-C Fast Charging 5M Nickel Strips and Mini Small Battery Spot Welder DIY Spot Welding

Price: $59.99

The flawless over-charge, over-discharge, over-temperature, etc.

protection functions and double protection performance are features of our portable spot welders.

When overheating develops, a special overheating prevention system automatically turns off the power.

6 output power grades of variable output, more stable and accurate welding.

Adjustable automatic and manual modes; simple to use.

Easy to use instructions in detail in English.

Nickel metal hydride batteries, cadmium nickel batteries, and 18650-compatible cylindrical lithium batteries can all be securely welded.

Additionally, it can be used to join sheets of iron, steel, and stainless steel with a thickness of less than 0.2 mm/0.007 inch.

Save time and effort using it.

The welding pen is easy to use, and it is a decent length.

Blue DIY Battery Spot Welder Pen by Shkalacar, Integrated Type Spot Welding Pen, Automatic Trigger Weld Machine Accessory for 18650 Battery

Price: $19.99

Use of thick copper bars helps to increase operating efficiency and is suited for long-term use.

Integrated design, lovely and tidy, with excellent heat radiation.

suitable for spot welding machines using 18650 batteries.

The handle has two springs that allow the welding pens to independently expand and compress.

Automatic limit switch with one-handed operation; no foot pedal required.

Having comfortable hand sensations, being sturdy and reliable, wear resistant, and conserving effort.

28 KHz Welding Machine Portable Handheld Ultrasonic Spot Welder for ABS, PP, and PE from TBVECHI

Price: $385.99

28KHz TBVECHI Handheld Ultrasonic Spot Welder Plastic Welding Machine Portable for ABS/PP/PE is an ultrasonic spot welder.

equipped with a soft folding-resistant, super-folding gray, industrial-grade cable connection line.

The welding machine can be used to weld plastic bodies using high-frequency electronic systems that are converted to high-frequency mechanical vibrations.

This causes the plastic bodies' joint surfaces to flow with plastic, which results in an instantaneous agglutination process.

Welding machine features include an innovative portable structural design and swift and practical movement.

Handgrip operation is convenient and easy to use.

Automatic tracking system, automatic tracking frequency, no manual adjusting.

Useful features include an original look design, an all-steel body, an all-aluminum heat dissipation system, a thin film panel, and plastic spraying.

overload, setting the time...

ZHANGLI Reusable Battery Storage Device Unassembled Battery Storage Solder Circuit Board for Spot Welder Set and Spot Welding Machine 12V

Price: $16.98

More Stable: The power supply can be made more stable by using Sanyo high frequency capacitors with a low internal resistance of 25V.

The following battery packs are recommended: a 30-35 ah capacity battery pack; a 3.5-5.5 ah 45C 3S aeromodel battery pack; and a 20-45 ah battery with good performance and negligible internal resistance.

A significant current overload may occur if the battery is in good condition and has a low internal resistance.

In case you are unsure about your battery, it is advisable to stretch the wire using 2.5² or 4² wire by approximately 1 meter.

This will lower the possibility of the power tube burning.

Design: The current is greater and the internal resistance is reduced by the bold and tin MOS upper and lower designs.

Voltage: When welding nickel components, it will transform into an energy-storing spot welding machine.

Contents of package: One (1) circuit board four copper nose pieces Four screws, one each One buzzer per computer A single nickel sheet measuring one meter in length.

One piece of capacitance Soldering pens, two pieces two pieces of input wire Two heat shrink tubes, each

Portable Welder Machine with Welder Kit, 140Amp MMA Welder, 110/220V Stick Welder Dual Voltage, Out of the Box

Price: $129.99

What You Get, Part 110 E7018 (3/32 inch) welding rods, 1 110-220 volt adapter, 1 MMA welder, 1 pair of welding gloves, 1 folding welding cap, 1 welding brush, and 1 welding ground wire are all included in the welding kit.

to support you with different DIY tasks.


Simple to use: This welder has an easy carrying handle and a small, portable design.

The enthusiast and anybody who needs to fix things around the house would love this welding machine.

It can be used by both novice and experienced welders, whether they are male or female.


Powerful welding machine with upgraded IGBT inverter technology that can weld mild steel, weld steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

The reliability of the welding machine is improved by the IGBT power device's special control mode.

Effective for Welding Rods 3/32" to 1/8" 4.

ENERGY SAVING Welder, lessen copper and iron damage,...

Spot Welder: Kerpu Mini Portable Spot Welder, 6 Gear Adjustable Spot Welder Machine, Mini Spot Welder Machine with 5m Nickel Sheet, DIY 18650 Battery Welder Energy Storage

Price: $59.99

With a large capacity of 7500mAh, our spot welders can work thousands of welds consecutively and fill up in three to five hours.

Our spot welder can double as a power bank with the Type-C fast charging connector, and you can use the charging cord to charge your phone as well.

Flexible Spot Welding Pen: Made of copper, this pen is long (43 cm/17 inches), flexible, and has an anti-oxidation and ultra-low resistance grip that is 7 mm thick.

The aviation aluminum alloy casing of the spot welder is strong, long-lasting, and elegant.

Enhanced lithium-ion battery with a discharge current of over 650A can effortlessly fuse 0.1-0.2 mm thick nickel-plated sheets.

To prevent harm to people or property, the spot welder will automatically shut off when the temperature reaches above 60°C/140°F.

It will automatically shut down after eight minutes if no one is using it.

Extremely Simple to Use: There are two modes available for the spot welding machine: manual and automatic.

The expert mode will enhance the spot welding machine's perfection, while the automatic mode will make it very simple for beginners to operate.

Watching our film in manual mode is also very easy.

ideal when paired with accessories Multifunctionality: The small spot welder may be used to spot weld cylindrical lithium batteries, including those made by Apple, Xiaomi, and Vivo, as well as NiMH/NiCd and other battery types.

You can view our welding tutorial video.

includes two spot welding pens, one 5M nickel sheet, one file, one USB-C cable, and one spot welder.

The ideal present for DIY-loving friends and fathers.

Portable Spot Welder Machine DIY Kit for 18650 Battery Pack Welding Tools, 5000W Mini Battery Spot Welder, Adaptable Battery Welding Soldering Machine with Nickel Strip and Spot Welding Pen

Price: $69.99

The main element influencing the spot welding effect is the battery voltage level (【LCD Screen Display】).

The internal voltage of the device may be shown in real time on our spot welder screen, making it very handy for you to inspect and charge on schedule.

Please charge the product when the voltage on the screen drops below 7.3V.

The product should be completely charged before initial usage.

【Excellent and Sturdy】The 5000W High Power Spot Welding Machine has an extended lifespan and excellent performance.

It has a surface anodizing process, an ABS shell, is non-abrasive, and is safe to use.

Good conductivity and low contact resistance welding pens are included with the spot welding machine.

【Easy to Operate】Spot welding is more arbitrary, and the DIY battery spot welder machine operates via a foot switch.

Simply step on the foot switch after applying two soldering pens on the nickel belt.

Release the foot switch after allowing output spot welding to occur for approximately 0.5 seconds.

acceptable for accurate welding.

】Simple to Operate】: This compact and lightweight spot welder equipment saves room in your home and can be readily transported to various job sites.

Good conductivity and low contact resistance welding pens are included with the spot welding machine.

The adjustable spot welding equipment is simple to install and operate, with replaceable solder pins.

【Wide Application】You may spot weld stainless steel sheets, iron sheets, and nickel strips of 18650 lithium batteries using this huge output power spot welder.

It can also be used to swiftly weld 0.1mm pure nickel sheet and 0.1-0.15mm nickel plated steel sheet.

Battery pack manufacturing and engineering maintenance are great uses for it.

This portable little spot welder for battery plate welding comes with an LCD screen, an upgraded 80 gears adjustable system, a long spot welding pen, nickel tape, and USB charging. It also runs on a 11000mAh battery.

Price: $49.99

【Redesigned with a Visible Color LCD Screen for 2023】- Our battery spot welder boasts a newly designed, improved LCD screen that makes it easy to see the system's internal temperature, charging status, battery level, gear level, and time interval.

Your spot welding journey will be safer and easier with this product's easy-to-understand functioning condition displayed on the screen.

【Adjustable 80-Level Output】With an output power of 80 levels that can be modified to 1-7 and 1.1-5.4-8.0 levels based on your specific demands, this small spot welder is very flexible.

Perfect spot welding results and more precise welding can be achieved with fine adjustment.

A particularly user-friendly feature for novices is the ability to modify the delay period to postpone the automatic welding time (1–5 seconds).

✅With a 40cm welding pen and a portable design, this gold-plate spot-welding pen is made of several high-temperature wire strands that have low contact resistance, fine conductivity, and torsional resistance.

It may be used safely.

Additionally, carrying the small and lightweight design is rather simple.

This spot welding tool is perfect for you.

【Integrated 11000mAh Rechargeable Battery】: This portable spot welder has an integrated 7500mAh high-rate rechargeable polymer lithium battery, which comes with a type-C charging connector.

It can be fully charged in just three hours and performs continuous welding for thousands of points after that.

Furthermore, the small welding tool doubles as a power bank when you need to charge your phone.

Broad Use & Warranty: This do-it-yourself spot welding equipment is mostly utilized for welding nickel sheets for cylindrical batteries, nickel-metal-halide (NI-MH) batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries such as 18650.

We strive to provide the finest customer service possible, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our products.

We'll do all in our power to help you find the solution.

energy storage batteries Welding apparatus for spot welding Handmade Spot Welders Mini PCB Circuit Board for 18650 and 26650 Batteries

Price: $18.99

Power regulation using eight gears and real-time display via nixie tubes Because pure copper transmits heat well, spot welding is significantly more efficient.

Spot welding finds the two-sided outlet useful as it is difficult to connect incorrectly.

To assure longevity and over-current capacity while significantly increasing spot welding efficiency, use aluminum oxide copper spot welding needles, super thick red copper tubes, and 10AWG wire.

With its low internal resistance, the high frequency capacitor may tolerate temperatures as high as 105 degrees Celsius.

energy storage batteries Small PCB Circuit Board Control Board for Spot Welder Machine Handmade Portable Welding Tools Pen Accessory with Case for Spot Welders

Price: $19.99
China wholesale battery cell machine supplier

High current flow and durability are ensured by the 10 AWG wire rod, alumina copper needle solder joint, high frequency capacitor, low internal resistance, and high temperature resistance.

To increase spot welding efficiency, ultra thick copper tube made of pure copper conducts heat and electricity.

Low internal resistance and a high temperature tolerance of 105 °C characterize high frequency capacitors.

Power regulation with eight gears and real-time display using nixie tubes.

Bilateral outgoing lines are useful for spot welding because they prevent incorrect wire connections between positive and negative markings.