4 Steps to a Perfect Closet Makeover

Nov 15 - 2021

4 Steps to a Perfect Closet Makeover

Admittedly, I didn't spend much time on my style after having my first child and the closet was suffering from this neglect. In my quest to improve my fashion paradise, I happened to meet lifestyle guru and closet designer Shira Gill and her Closet Makeover Project crew. Thank goodness, because bikinis and sweaters find themselves unfortunately stacked on top of each other. Sound like you? Implement Shira's four fabrication tips below, and get the full guide here!

Start by removing all items from the closet. It helps to organize piles of clothing by specific categories, so you can take stock of your inventory. This makes it easier to see how many of each type are available and speeds up the editing phase. This is your chance to start over, so be sure to clear all shelves, provide a vacuum of space, and reposition any clutter that doesn't belong in your closet.

Good editing is by far the most important step! Before you begin, think about the needs of a typical week and the needs of exercise, hobbies, travel or activities. Since the items in your closet will determine your style, this is also a great opportunity to focus more on the way you present each day. Just because something costs a lot of money or looks good on someone else doesn't mean it's right for you. Think about how you want to look and feel in your clothing, and do your best to keep the clothes actually used, worn and loved.

Favorite closet essentials include.

1. Uniform hangers. Use the same style and color to simplify the look.

Open bins and baskets to store scarves, seasonal items and accessories.

3. Shelf dividers to prevent piles of jeans or sweaters from falling off.

4. Handbags, necklaces and totes with sturdy hooks.

5. Wall mounted shelves to maximize your vertical space.

Before you shop, be sure to make a list and invest only in the actual needs of your closet remodeling project.

Now comes the fun part! When setting up your closet, be careful to store items by frequency of use. Keep everyday essentials in the main real estate areas so they are visible and easy to use, and keep formal, seasonal and occasional items in bins at the back of the closet or on high shelves. Once set up, it's nice to add some personal touches and decor to complete the transformation. You can try embellishing with accent rugs, pretty lights, framed pictures or stylized inspiration boards. Remember: you start and end each day in the closet. It's worth putting in some extra effort to make sure it's both inviting and lovely.