[Tips for cutting fruits] 2 easy ways to cut and slice mango!

Nov 18 - 2021

[Tips for cutting fruits] 2 easy ways to cut and slice mango!

  Mangoes have always been very popular with Hong Kong people, especially the whole Taiwan Aiwen Mang, which was very popular. Earlier, Legislative Councillor Ge Yifan had to order two boxes of Taiwanese honey mangoes with his mobile phone during the polling period of the House Committee! As a mango lover, of course, I don’t want to waste every bit of it, and put every drop of juice and pulp in my mouth. But the core in the middle can be said to be a big obstacle, and it is particularly embarrassing when eating. There are two ways to avoid wasting the flesh, one is to make mango grains for dessert, and the other is not to eat dirty hands!

  Fruit experts from all over the world teach super sweet and juicy mangoes!

  There are many varieties of mangoes around the world, and the mangoes produced in Taiwan and Japan have the most "fan" support in Hong Kong. Because they are known for their sweetness and sweetness, and the price is relatively stable, they will rush to order from June to July. .

  Secondly, the mangoes produced in Japan are mainly red-skinned mangoes. The very sweet and juicy ones must choose the mangoes of Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. Due to the strict planting, only two mangoes can be cultivated on a branch to ensure that all nutrients and moisture are equal. Highly concentrated on mango. For those who want to buy ordinary Japanese red-skinned mangoes, you can refer to the tips of the purchasing director of the 100-year-old top fruit shop "Chikanya" Ishibe Ibe, and select super-sweet, juicy and soft red-skinned mangoes by visual inspection alone!