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Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce

Mar 03 - 2022

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Advantages of e-commerce:

1. Since business activities payment gateway international are carried out through the Internet, the cost of information is low, transportation costs are saved, agency fees are reduced, and the cost of business activities is greatly reduced.

2. E-commerce achieves instant delivery and automatic computer processing on a global scale, and does not require human intervention, speeding up transactions.

3. Enable businesses to enter the global electronics market at a similar cost. Small and medium-sized enterprises have the same information resources as large enterprises, which improves their competitiveness.

4. E-commerce redefines the traditional circulation management mode, reduces intermediate links, makes it possible for the development of direct influence transactions between producers and consumers, and changes the way the entire human socialist economic market operates to a certain extent. , reducing the cost that consumers can purchase.

5. It provides abundant information resources, and provides more possibilities for the reorganization of various social and economic factors, thus affecting the economic layout and structure of the society.

Disadvantages of e-commerce:

The worst downside of e-commerce is that if your website crashes, no one can buy from your store. That's why it's important to make sure your site is hosted on the right platform.

2. Insufficient search capabilities; existing search engines can only index 500 million pages; half are still unindexed.

3. The Internet itself has its limitations. It is impossible for people to obtain all the information about the products from the Internet, especially the most vivid and intuitive impression of the products. In this mode, there is only a mode that relies on the production of websites and web designers to better display products to consumers.

4. Can't have real personal feelings and experience, can't feel its texture and materials, the security of transactions can not be guaranteed by society, and the security management of electronic information commerce is actually a problem of integrity education between people. , and the acquaintance of real business economy and trade, both require the joint cooperation and learning efforts of both parties.

5. E-commerce requires many skills, including operations, promotion, marketing, visual design, communication, after-sales service and cost control.



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