Mobile payment period, a variety of payment methods "combined" to produce what convenient?

Apr 07 - 2022

Mobile payment period, a variety of payment methods "combined" to produce what convenient?

Along with the rapid development trend of the intelligent era, mobile payment infiltrated in people's lives; small to rice, oil, salt chinese payment system, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, large to pen, ink, paper, ink, poetry, wine and flowers; a bag of rice and a bottle of vinegar more and more of the mall water flow are in the mobile credit card bill to carry out the show. In a short period of two years, everyone's food, clothing, housing and payment have changed a lot, from the payment of cash, to credit card swipe, and then to the following sweep two-dimensional code payment; of the body without a penny of cash, you can also easily buy and sell, pay quickly.

I still vaguely remember that in the case of mobile payment just arose, then not only will there be a lot of suspicion, worry about the loss of money, the Internet is not safe these. To the subsequent acceptance, at that time everyone has gradually enjoyed the convenience and convenience of mobile payment, at that time merchants are will place two or three collection codes for customer payment.

With the development of science and technology, we will be a variety of payment methods "combined", commonly known as polymer payment. It applies to cell phone WeChat, Alipay, China UnionPay sweep QR code, gateway ip, convenient and many other diverse payment methods. Not only does the merchant reduce connection costs and improve operational efficiency, but also solves the customer's payment problem; and the merchant no longer needs to worry about the combination of several QR code assets, not to mention the service fee for cash withdrawal.

In the end, in one sentence, the aggregation of payment is more convenient and faster. For the merchants, the aggregated payment can reduce their labor, complete payment, reconciliation, accounting, statistical analysis, management methods and data statistics, etc., reduce the merchants to pay the cost of capital investment at the same time, let the store management methods more very easy, so that customers pay more convenient.

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