Recurring payment should pay more attention to the security of operation

Jun 08 - 2022

Recurring payment should pay more attention to the security of operation

Nowadays, electronic payment is very popular, people prefer this kind of cashless payment method when they spend money, in addition to reducing the contact of cash, more importantly, shopping online at home is not restricted, as long as you set up a good recurring payment tools, such as choosing credit cards, savings cards, etc. can be. However, it should be noted that, in view of the security of funds, when it is necessary to set up recurring payment tools or accounts, of course, more cautious.

Choose a reliable platform for recurring payment settings

Most people will choose a find recurring payments account or payment tool when they spend money, and since your credit card or savings card needs to be tied, the reliability of the third-party payment platform should be taken into consideration when setting up. The platform needs to have a license issued by the government, proving that it is capable of making payments, transferring funds and other related business qualifications, without which the funds in the individual's account will be at greater risk of fraud.

Points to note when setting up recurring payments

Since you choose a recurring payment account or payment instrument, you need to be careful about the leakage of account information. For security reasons, it is not recommended to tie up an account with a larger amount of money. Of course, you can add to set up SMS notifications to improve the security of this payment method, once you find an abnormal transaction SMS, you can immediately respond.

Recurring payments are really convenient for shopping

Recurring payment settings greatly facilitate shopping, there are now products on the Internet can support installment payments, set up a debit account, each month will be regularly debited from the pre-arranged account. This way to further stimulate consumption, especially the young people more dare to buy higher value goods, is very helpful to promote sales. Of course, as a consumer, you should be careful about this payment method, especially the security needs to be considered more.

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