Baby ear thermometer or frontal thermometer is good?

Jun 09 - 2022


Forehead thermometer liquid temperature aluminum prototype detection: accurate measurement of the ambient temperature of the liquid, such as the ambient temperature of the baby bath water, take a bath in the case of measuring the temperature of the water, will not worry about the cold or scalding; can also accurately measure the temperature of the water in the milk carton, convenient brewing Baby's baby formula.

Ear temperature gun, frontal Avalonminer thermometer is a very common application in recent years, a special tool for temperature measurement, with accurate measurement easy and fast and other advantages, at the same time must have a certain mastery of its application method and its effectiveness, in order to faster application, so that the conclusion from the good more accurate.

Forehead thermometer is suitable braun digital ear thermometer for patients who refuse to cooperate with each other application: compared with the thermometer, the benefit of ear temperature gun is convenient unwilling to cooperate with each other small application, the use of the process must only pull the ear inside the precise measurement, you can quickly understand the human body temperature. In addition, because the temperature gauge is easy to break, people worry about the environmental pollution of the home environment, but also gradually no longer apply the thermometer.

Forehead thermometer commodity characteristics.

1、Accurate measurement: measurement of the difference between all over ≤ ± 0.3 degrees. (choose the imported infrared detector)
2, rapid temperature measurement: accurate measurement time <1 second or so.
3, easy to apply: a key to accurately measure, the actual operation is convenient.
4, non-contact: accurate measurement of the forehead of the body, without touching the body skin.
5, use period: installed 2 sections of 5 rechargeable batteries, can be applied beyond 10 thousand times, the commodity use period > 300 thousand times.
6, accurate measurement of spacing: within 5 ~ 1 are able to integrate, without fixing immobile accurate measurement of spacing.
7, LCD display: display LCD, milky white led backlight, all light sources can be clearly indicated.
8, ambient temperature alarm: set the alarm ambient temperature at will.
9, storage data information: storage of 32 precise measurement data information, conducive to analysis reference comparison.
10, setting changes: can modify the setting of the main parameters to meet the race of different skin types (white, black, race, etc.).
11、Unit conversion: apply ℃, Fahrenheit degrees to change between each other. Infrared thermometer (Bielcom forehead thermometer)