Air purifiers work to bring indoor air quality up to standard

Jun 23 - 2022

Nowadays, air pollution is getting Nepia Whito more and more serious, which more or less affects the quality of air at home, so in life, many people will choose negative ion air purifier to clean the air at home. Although you choose negative ion air purifier, but how much do you know about it? Below, we will introduce you the air purifier principle and function as well as your health benefits.

The air purifier mainly consists global payments credit card processing of a system of motor, fan and air filter. It works by circulating the indoor air with the motor and fan inside the machine. After the polluted air passes through the air filter inside the machine, various pollutants are removed or adsorbed, and the air is continuously ionized to produce a large number of negative ions, which are sent out by the micro fan to form negative ion airflow. In order to achieve the purpose of purification and air purification, the indoor environment can provide efficient air negative ions for human health care, so that indoor air quality to achieve "healthy air" standard.

Air purifiers work in addition to air purifier for pet odor passive adsorption and active purification, there is a method of dust adsorption using electrostatic precipitation technology, the biggest criticism of this method is that it produces harmful ozone!

Although some businesses will say that the control is within the national safety standards, the use of ozone collection and decomposition technology, but it is still recommended that you do not step on this pit. First of all, less does not mean no, ozone is harmful, but who have will be difficult. Secondly, the aging problem, the machine is used for a long time, a variety of hardware aging, ozone release can be controlled within the safe range is also a hidden danger.

The principle method of home air purifiers on the market in China at present are mainly through the following three categories.
1 passive adsorption filter purification principle (filter purification level)
② active purification principle (filterless type)
3 double purification (active purification and passive purification)
Many use purifiers that need to change filters. The reason I don't know how to choose a purifier is that I get hung up on the filtration technology because almost all manufacturers will tell you that my purifier has the best filtration technology! Some brands also combine products such as air purifiers and humidifiers, such as Dyson's air purification fans. To be honest this design is still a bit flashy. As opposed to all-in-one products, individuals prefer manufacturers to do a good job with single product features. The technology of air purifiers is important, and many purifiers use activated carbon technology. This technology is not bad, but not complete, not environmentally friendly. The activated carbon filter plays the role of adsorption, locking pollutants in the filter, which needs to be replaced after a long time. Not only does it cost money, but it is also bad for the environment. So when you choose a purifier, you can pay more attention to the technology used in the purifier so that you won't be confused or fascinated!