How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the car?

Jun 25 - 2022

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the car?

In terms of the output power wholesale wet dry car vacuum cleaner of car vacuum cleaners, those with output power of 100-300 watts or 300 watts are super powerful, but not only require high inverter power supply, but also expensive, while those within 100 watts have many famous brands and are cheap and affordable. The And in this range does not necessarily have to worry about the car cigarette lighter is burned, because most of the car cigarette lighter larger bearing output power is 120 watts, the application of external devices only need not exceed this standard value, the vehicle driver is not to worry about.

At this stage very many car gateway payment processing vacuum cleaner goods basically have large, medium and small size, for most small family cars, choose portable vacuum cleaner thoroughly enough, and for large and medium-sized SUVs, then choose a larger car vacuum cleaner relatively good point.

Very many car vacuum cleaners bluetooth earbuds have a standard configuration line length of 2 meters, very many vehicle drivers in the case of selecting the purchase of vacuum machines only need to pay attention to the beauty of this object, how adsorption force and other phenomena, and ignore the line length problem, the conclusion with the case found 2 meters of the line is completely insufficient, it is reasonable to advocate that vehicle drivers in the case of selecting the purchase, choose 4.5 meters up and down the line length of the vacuum machine, which is generally sufficient Cope with the use of all cars is.

The selection of spare parts is also very important, because there are very many blind spots inside the car, if the vacuum cleaner parts are not available, the dust residue in such areas is very difficult to eliminate clean, it should be in the case of purchase, advocate more to ask the merchant whether there are spare parts attached, but also the use of spare parts.