Unexpected storage solutions are simple and trendy that your whole office, or home, can benefit from

Sep 30 - 2022

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With the rise of workers being able to work from home, more brands are releasing items that allow you to show off your new home office set-up.

Plus, with a home office storage system, you can keep everything organised and within easy reach, for a neat work environment. Whether you're flicking through piles of papers on the daily or just searching for the right pen to pick up from your stationery pile.

You lose out on the benefits offered by working from home when you do not have a professional office. A curated home office is one that has been designed with ease of use in mind, such as a well-lit workspace, plenty of storage and a comfortable chair.

Consider using what you already have to create a comfortable, functional office space. By adapting a few key pieces of furniture, you can transform your office from something dull to one that is more ergonomic and more enjoyable.

Copymatic will allow you to manage your files more effectively. You no longer need to label and file away all of your documents, this newly developed AI will manage the transition between them with speed and efficiency.

“Go back to the office?” That place with no color-coordinated filing cabinets and lack of Netflix lounges? No thanks, you’re safer with our new home office storage set-up.

Even if you have a tiny office space in your home, we've got all of the best home office storage items to help get your work space organized.

With its drop-leaf design, Pmnianhua’s wall-mounted table fits into small spaces and is easy to store when not in use. With a sturdy frame to support your laptop and plenty of storage space for other essentials, this narrow table opens up into a full-sized desk space with style.

Because of the bookshelf style bottom half, this option keeps all your office essentials within close reach without taking up extra space.

Storage cabinet from Wayfair

Wayfair's Antonelli Storage Cabinet not only has eight storage compartments but gives you the capability to move it around your home as needed. It is also versatile enough to be used in any other room.

This solid wood design features four open boxes, as well as four boxed compartments. If you want to add more compartments, they're removable. The sleek surface feels smooth to the touch and offers a flat top perfect for loading on extra items.

John Lewis Faux Leather 3 Tier Tray

John Lewis’ Osco Flat Leather 3-Tier Tray helps keep your work essentials organized and accessible on your desk. Its three sections allow you to store files, office supplies, and other items easily. It's great for the avid home office user or the small-space professional.

If you want to save money, buy a cheap plastic organizer. But if you want an office that looks like it does more than just provide things for the kids to spill on, go with this soft faux leather option.

John Lewis: Complies with your high standards

With loads of space and various compartments, this John Lewis MDF Desktop Organiser is great if your work is digital as well as paper related. The different sections help you to complete all sorts of tasks, whether it's editing papers or signing documents.

Shelving systems in {elmari} warehouse

This slanted pen holder allows you to keep your desk organized, making it easy for someone else to quickly find a pen when they need one. The angled shape of the pens-holding compartment provides easy access while looking at your workstation cabinet accessories.

The Elmari Tall Shelving was specifically designed to look good and serve practical purposes. It features stunning contemporary lines with unique storage options.

The Oris is the perfect fit for stacking your documents, stacking desks and working at a perfect height. If you want a coffee table that matches your filing system, the Oris has got you covered.

Get your home office organized with this adjustable desktop bookcase

Plans are available for a wall-mounted adjustable bookcase. Their sleek design fits any room and is perfect for people who want to add a shelf or keeping some of their office's files off the ground.

The bookshelf can be assembled quickly with different compartments to store everything and display it beautifully. Even if you don't have time, you can just throw a pot plant on top of the bookshelf.


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