What are the best floor cleaning and maintenance tips?

Feb 15 - 2023

What are the best floor cleaning and maintenance tips?

What are the most effective floor cleaning methods - vinegar + milk / honeycomb soot?

The stain-removing power of vinegar and milk will definitely blind you. Apply sour milk with a little white vinegar to the stained area to easily remove the stain and add shine to the floor! Alternatively, blot stains and oil stains on the floor with burnt honeycomb ashes, then sprinkle a little white vinegar on the mop to effectively remove stains and oil stains.

What are the best floor cleaning tips - cleaning solution

Fill the mop with warm water and add auniversity ranking asia small amount of laundry detergent (powder) or other cleaning agents. Pouring too much laundry detergent (powder) and cleaning agents will leave marks on the floor. If there is still dust on the floor after mopping it once, you can mop it again or wipe it with a rag. This floor will not only be fragrant, but it will also be completely clean.

What are the best floor cleaning tips - salt or vinegar?

When there is oil on the floor, it is recommended that salt be sprinkled on the area where there is oil, to stay for a period of time, and to use a rag to wipe repeatedly, the oil on the floor will also disappear without a trace oh.

What are the most cleaning laminate floors with steam mopeffective floor cleaning methods - rice water?

Fill the spray bottle halfway with rice water, then spray evenly on the floor with a rag or mop to wipe up. Spray some more in dirty places; the effect of stain removal is very visible. Amoy water mopping the floor is not only inexpensive, but it also leaves the floor very clean.

What are the most effective floor cleaning methods - wet wipes?

Many people prefer wet rags to wipe the table and floor; however, the rags should be semi-dry so that when wiping, they do not attract dust. It is sufficient to wipe once with a dry rag and then again.

The upkeep of flooring use

The floor in use should not only be cleaned butMini Rodini HK also maintained; maintenance can extend the life of the floor. Generally, try not to use sharp, heavy items to make contact with the floor, to do lightly, a lot of water on the floor is very harmful, dragging the floor, to keep the mop and rag as much as possible wrung dry, wood flooring as far as possible in about 3 months to play a wax. Waxing can help to prevent moisture, damage, increase surface luminosity, and make cleaning easier, but if done too frequently, it can cause damage to the floor.