Small kitchen decoration problems, do this to prevent stepping on mines

Feb 23 - 2023

Small kitchen decoration problems, do this to prevent stepping on mines

In Hong Kong, few people can afford to buy a large house, most people have a small house area, need to live in several people, this time the area occupied by the kitchen is quite small, want to decorate the kitchen in a few square meters to meet the needs of the finished product, like the kitchen is tidy and neat, without any clutter, it is very difficult to do things, small kitchen decoration is easy to encounter a variety of bottlenecks, do not want to step on the mines to spend thought.

Small kitchen decoration problem one: not enough space to put things

Due to the small kitchen area is small, often only into a person, all the things are at a glance, if the kitchen decoration design in the early stage, there is no attention to the future use of the storage function, the end of the renovation began to formally use, easy to give people a feeling of chaos, so the value of the kitchen will be affected. It is recommended that in the kitchen storage design decoration process to make good use of space, you can make good use of the ceiling and overhead position, you can use hanging cabinets or hanging shelves for storage, placing some of the things that are not commonly used, as far as possible, the kitchen can put things into the available space, which can expand the visual effect of the kitchen.

Small kitchen decoration problem two: visual effects are not good

Many people in the small kitchen design above the thought, but also want to make small kitchens highlight the taste of the owner, but small kitchens compared to large kitchens, in the design of the problem is easy to encounter, it is easy to achieve the design effect can not achieve the problem. For related issues, we do not require too much at the beginning of the kitchen design, should try to make small kitchens become simple and tidy, rather than fancy, can be on the use of mirrored elements or glass elements to increase the transparency of the room, so that the entire visual space more transparent and look more large.

Small kitchens and large kitchens have something in common, that is, they also want to achieve the function of the kitchen, in the small kitchen decoration above, many people are annoyed how to solve not enough space to put things and visual effects are not good two big problems, the good thing is that the method to come, whether it is kitchen storage or kitchen visual presentation, can be improved by these elements.