Can myopia control methods in children be completely cured and what kind of control effect is there?

Mar 27 - 2023

Can myopia control methods in children be completely cured and what kind of control effect is there?

In recent years, the Hong Kong Society of Ophthalmology found that the age of myopia in children is getting younger and younger, especially between the ages of 3 and 6 myopia is greatly increased, this may be directly related to the long exposure to electronic products. If parents do not pay attention, the degree of myopia will only increase year by year, and children have a greater chance of glaucoma and cataracts in adulthood. In addition to reducing the use of electronic devices in children, it is also necessary to choose an appropriate control method for children's myopia, and if we insist on control, can we achieve the effect of eradication?

Can myopia control methods for children be cured?

Some parents have a wrong perception about the control method of children's myopia, thinking that children's myopia can be cured with good control. In fact, myopia in children cannot be completely cured even with control methods, but can only effectively slow down the deepening of myopia, and the earlier the intervention, the better the results. Therefore, when you suspect that your child may be nearsighted, it is recommended that you go to the nearest hospital for an immediate checkup. In addition, regular annual checkups are needed to ensure that the chosen myopia control method for children is effective.

What are the myopia control methods for children?

The mainstream myopia control method for children is OK lenses, which allows children to wear special contact lenses at night and eliminate myopia the next day without affecting learning or sports, and can reduce up to 500 degrees with two weeks of consistent wear. The use of atropine eye drops can also slow down the growth of myopia, but the choice of eye drops may have side effects. The last type is the use of specialized lenses, which need to be worn for a long time.

Other ways to control myopia in children

As prevention is better than cure, you should control the amount of time your child spends using electronic devices and take your child to the hospital for regular checkups if there is inherited myopia in the family. You should pay attention to eye care and relax by looking into the distance every once in a while, and increase outdoor exercise as appropriate, especially for children who are in the developmental stage. This more conventional method of controlling myopia in children is helpful for children with mild myopia.