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Are you moisturizing right? Do a good job of moisturizing

Nov 14 - 2023

Are you moisturizing right? Do a good job of moisturizing

Are you moisturizing right? Do a good job of moisturizing, worry free, master the three elements of moisturizing.

During the autumn and winter exchange season, affected by the climate, Thermage FLX dry skin peeling is the most likely problem skin in the season. So make autumn and winter to understand the importance of skin moisture. Natural moisturizing factors are closely related to skin metabolism. In order to maintain the normal metabolism of the skin, water retention becomes an important management work. When the moisture is sufficient, the skin will appear healthy and hydrated.

Almost 70% of the human body is moisturizing, one of the basic skin care is moisturizing, why is moisturizing so important? What exactly is moisturizing moisture? The most important function of moisturizing is to maintain the normal moisture content of the stratum corneum.

Moisturizing helps your skin

The stratum corneum of skin

A healthy stratum corneum helps retain nutrients and moisture in the skin. The water content of normal stratum corneum is about 20 ~ 35%. When the water content of the stratum corneum is less than 10%, the stratum corneum is in a state of drought. Moisturizing well protects your cuticles and keeps your skin stable.

Dry and aging skin

If the skin is too dry, then the skin will become rough, softness will decline, easy to feel dry and tight, resulting in dull and dull skin, and when the stratum corneum is dehydrated, keratinocytes can not metabolize normally, and it is easy to produce keratinization and desquamation, then it is easy to cause dermatitis and itching, pain and burning discomfort, It is also prone to dry fine lines on the eyes and cheeks.

Maintain oil and water balance

When the skin oil and water imbalance, not only will appear dry skin, acne, dark yellow skin, thick pores, shiny face, rough red, sensitive and other phenomena, so every day to do a good moisturizing skin care is very important. When the skin reaches the balance of oil and water and maintains the moisturizing state of the skin, the subsequent maintenance will be effective.

Therefore, when the skin is short of water, not only will the overall skin feel be greatly improved and reduced, but the metabolism of old keratin will also be abnormal, so we know that moisturizing is very important for the skin. If the skin is moisturized well, students can not only make the skin look bright and clear by increasing the soft and smooth touch of the skin, but also strengthen the barrier function of the skin, and the keratin metabolism can be carried out normally. Moisturizing your skin will not only make it beautiful, it will also make it healthier!