Things you should know about massage

Nov 27 - 2023


1. the stronger the better

Some people think that there is pain in the massage to achieve the effect, so they will choose the massage therapist with a heavier hand, and there is pain or tingling in the massage process, which is considered normal. However, this is a wrong idea.hotel outcall massage Massage is not the more pain the better, but need the appropriate intensity. Only with the right massage technique and intensity can the stimulating effect be achieved. Excessive force is not only meaningless to the treatment, but will cause muscle damage and subcutaneous bruising, and in serious cases, it may even lead to fractures and internal organ damage.

2. More massage, more time

Some people think that the more massage the better, which is a misunderstanding. If the nerves are repeatedly stimulated for a long time, it is easy to produce fatigue and weaken the ability to regulate the meridians. Long-term over-frequent stimulation of the body will reduce the body's sensitivity, weaken the body's tolerance, and affect the health care and treatment effect. If you want to treat, massage once a day or two; if it is health care, do it once a week.

In addition, the time management of massage is not the longer the better, according to different patients to carry out their own meridian tolerance to choose. Can not be a long time massage, because we have our own certain degree of tolerance for the enterprise external environment stimulation students. If there is no excessive stimulation, but will be counterproductive, easy to soft tissues, ligaments and joint activities cause serious injury. In addition, excessive massage can also cause nerve tension or inhibition, which can be eliminated to affect the body's vitality and resistance.

3. the cost of the soles of the feet can be casual massage

There are more than 60 reflex zones on our feet, and there are corresponding reflex zones for ear, nose, eyes, stomach, spleen, liver, heart and kidney. If the appropriate techniques and strength for massage, help to stimulate the reflex zones, relieve the body's discomfort. However, if the massage technique is not appropriate, it will bring adverse effects to the body.

4. a pain immediately massage

The most common misconception is that if you feel pain, immediately go to the hospital for massage, always thinking that massage can eliminate pain faster. However, this is a misunderstanding. During the acute onset of pain, especially patients with localized tissue swelling, must not receive massage, otherwise it will aggravate the condition and lead to prolonged pain.

What are the benefits of massage?

1. Reduce migraine:If you have been suffering from migraine, you may consider having a massage.nuru massage hong kong After massaging for a period of time, you will have fewer migraines and the quality of your sleep will improve.

2. Reduce pain caused by the development of student sports:Massage relieves the inflammation of skeletal muscles damaged in sports. Massage can relieve the inflammation of the patient's muscles, which is similar to the effect of anti-inflammatory related drugs to carry out, both can make the tissue swelling feeling gradually begin to disappear.

3. Make you look younger: Massage stimulates blood circulation, which is why gentle massages and rubdowns can make your face look healthier and rosier. Massage re-fills loose skin, stimulates the lymphatic system, promotes cellular detoxification, absorbs more nutrients and energizes the body.

4.Relieve Premenstrual Discomfort:Massage can chase away violent mood swings, swelling, headaches, weight gain and other premenstrual discomfort (PMS). Regular massage can relieve premenstrual discomfort in women aged 19 to 45.

5. Chronic Pain Relief: People suffering from chronic soft tissue pain (e.g. arthritis, fibromyalgia, herniated discs, osteoarthritis/osteodystrophy, etc.) experience significant pain relief after a few sessions of massage.

6. Improve the quality of life of cancer patients:After receiving massage therapy, metastatic cancer patients have improved quality of sleep, reduced pain, and overall quality of life is significantly improved. Massage therapy can relieve symptoms of cancer such as pain, nausea, fatigue, depression and stress.