How do large enterprises choose a suitable ERP system?

Mar 25 - 2024


For small and medium-sized enterprises, the organizational structure of large enterprises is more complex, the process division of labor is more refined, and management and operations are often more difficult.ERP Migration Therefore, large group enterprises with sufficient funds will be more cautious and have stricter requirements than small and medium-sized enterprises when choosing enterprise management software, and will consider many factors.

1. Product applicability

Applicability, as the name suggests, refers to whether the product meets its own business development needs,Waste Charging Solution and this includes the current and future. Because change and development are salient features of large enterprises, the ERP system selected can meet the needs of current business on the one hand, and also take into account the company's future development to achieve integrated management.

2. Product ductility

Due to their size, large enterprises often expand their business in a tree-like manner. Therefore,sap s4hana cloud when choosing ERP, most people will consider the scalability of the product. It is hoped that the system can be extended to both ends of the supply chain, with the upstream connected to the SRM system and the downstream connected to the CRM system. In addition, when deepening the application within the enterprise, it can be connected to SCM, PLM and MES systems.

3. System integration

Large enterprises are very worried that heterogeneous systems will greatly increase the cost of use. Therefore, when choosing ERP, they need to consider system integration, data consistency and business integrity. Only an ERP system that meets all requirements can help enterprises save costs.

4. System stability

Stability is the prerequisite for an enterprise to be able to apply the system for a long time, and it mainly includes two aspects: the stability of the manufacturer and the stability of the product. ERP suppliers must be well-known at home and abroad and have a certain scale and strength; their products must be continuously upgraded and improved in a planned manner to meet the needs of enterprises in the next 5-10 years.

5. Overall cost

Cost is a common concern for all businesses. When large enterprises choose ERP products, they not only need to be concerned about the current procurement cost, but also need to consider the future total cost of ownership, including cost performance, return on investment, system technical support costs, and future system upgrade costs.

When large enterprises choose ERP products, they will often consider the above factors as basic criteria. So, looking at the many ERP system suppliers around the world, is there any ERP product that can meet the selection requirements of large enterprises?

SAP, known as the "management master behind the Fortune 500", has been rooted in the ERP market for more than 40 years and has achieved outstanding performance and market leadership in 25 industries and 7 business lines. As a German brand, SAP has a world-recognized rigor. And as a Fortune 500 company, SAP can always look forward to future trends and upgrade in a timely manner through strong technology and operation and maintenance support.

SAP has rich products and has launched different management solutions for large, medium and small enterprises, combining its strong strength and advantages to meet the needs of different types of enterprises. Its SAP S/4HANA is specially designed for large enterprises. It is a new generation suite built by SAP based on HANA. It is an integrated intelligent ERP system and an important symbol of traditional ERP becoming lightweight and transforming into digital. S/4HANA enhances ERP through machine learning, combines intelligent applications with machine learning, and is committed to operating artificial intelligence to optimize business processes. Based on the HANA application combination platform, it greatly reduces the customer's overall cost and optimizes the enterprise's IT as a whole. architecture. It can be said that S/4HANA is a solution that maximizes the value of HANA and can help customers make predictive decisions in real time.