【Girls with Sensitive Muscles】4 Secrets of Anti-Allergy Skin Care

Jun 24 - 2020

【Girls with Sensitive Muscles】4 Secrets of Anti-Allergy Skin Care

  The new crown pneumonia is rampant, and masks have become a must-have for going out every day, and carefully turned into "mask muscles." Wearing a mask for a long time every day, coupled with hot and humid weather, makes the facial skin feel irritated, the skin's water and oil are unbalanced, not only sensitive to redness, but also acne. If you want to improve the mask muscles, you must learn the secret of anti-allergy skin care!

  A simple cup of honey tea against sensitivity

  Wearing a mask for a long time makes the skin particularly sensitive, especially if it is sensitive muscle itself. To improve the mask muscles can be internally adjusted to enhance the body and skin resistance. To restore the basic steps, drink plenty of water. It is better to drink less sugary drinks such as pearl milk tea. If you feel the water is light and tasteless, you may wish to add a little honey to moisturize your body and mind. Honey contains various vitamins, minerals and amino acids, can promote digestion, improve sleep, improve immunity, etc., can naturally improve skin sensitivity.

  In addition, if you want to avoid mask muscles, you can start with skin care. When you go home on weekdays and remove the mask, you must first cleanse your skin.

  You can use the VALMONT PRIMARY skin care series with soothing and calming effects on weekday skin care. Pay attention to the 4 major care tips and add 3 skin care steps to naturally restore skin quickly!

  VALMONT's new PRIMARY soothing and softening skin series, through the newly developed probiotics and prebiotics, let the microbiome reach a stable balance in the skin's ecosystem. Each of the five new products contains three major ingredients, including Lactobacillus pentose, provitamin B5, and oligosaccharide complexes, which can be combined into a healthy muscle complex to strengthen the skin from the inside out and initiate skin self-protection. The full range is suitable for all skin types, especially for fragile and sensitive skin. It helps to soothe "mask muscles", sensitive muscles, and acne muscles, even for eczema.