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What will the smart car look like in ten years?

Aug 30 - 2021

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A cold fact:It's been 135 years since the first car appeared.

In 1885, German engineer Karl Benz installed a 0.85-horsepower internal combustion engine in a three-wheeled vehicle. It abandoned the bulky steam engine and ran itself without the need for a horse, just burning gasoline. That moment ushered in a dramatic change in the way humans travel.

Now, the automotive industry has been around for over a century, with gasification and smart module intelligent changes. New energy vehicles are becoming more and more popular, and on-board systems are becoming more and more advanced. A few years ago, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving were still science fiction topics, now they are almost within reach - maybe in ten years, your driver will be artificial intelligence.

Nowhere is the enthusiasm and anticipation for high-tech and its products as high as in China. Our new car-making forces are thriving, influencing the market and the future of the industry, and changing the brand perception of users.

The first question we asked in the video was: which car fits our imagination of the trend?

Science and technology are the first trend of the times. A car with beautiful lines, a great sense of design, a sophisticated and classy interior, and at the same time smart and clever, we think that such a car is the trendiest, even the sexiest. There is nothing like high technology to empower a car.

What is the standard for the future of smart cars?

When we talk about smart cars, we're really talking more about intelligence. The innate advantage of a smart car is that its systems, like your smartphone, can be iterated based on user feedback and technological developments.

If a car can really do as much for you as your phone can, acting as an assistant to your interconnection with the outside world, rather than just a driving machine, then it should be smart. This requires an efficient, open system that supports your customization so that you can solve many of life's basic problems with your car, and ultimately get to know you better so you are not enslaved to it.

Maybe in ten years, our car will have no steering wheel, everything will be left to high-performance AI, we just need to get in the car and set our destination, just as convenient and fast as taking the high-speed train. When riding in the car, we can enjoy the atmosphere we need, but also at any time to deal with work, create value and achieve a truly mobile office.

At that time, the comfort and personalized configuration of the car will be especially important. Perhaps, in the smart car of the future, you are the king of the world, surrounded by a group of high technology that understands you.

The future is worth waiting for as science and technology make human beings.

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