The development of WiFi wireless communication, IoT serial WiFi module technology, smart life wireless applications.

Sep 10 - 2021


Along with the accelerated pace of 5G business, the application of IoT in various industries is also growing geometrically. Under the premise of cost control, the mainstream IoT wireless modules on the market are mainly serial WiFi modules and serial Bluetooth modules.

Serial WiFi module is an embedded module based on UART interface with built-in wireless network protocol IEEE802.11 protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack, which can convert user serial or TTL level data to wireless network. The working mode of serial WiFi module is transmission mode and command mode respectively.

With the rapid development of IoT smart home, security monitoring, intelligent manufacturing and iot wifi module other fields, the demand for IoT serial WiFi modules is growing, and the serial WiFi modules for IoT are gradually developing towards high performance and high quality.

In the application of IoT serial WiFi modules, facing the challenges of speed, reliability and security, small low-power high-performance WiFi modules are the choice to connect everything.

Along with the development of the Internet of Things, WiFi and Bluetooth in one wireless communication technology of wireless combination module is widely used in various industries, giving intelligent terminals data collection, data transmission, data upload and wireless Internet functions.

ESP32 series modules have excellent performance and rich peripherals, integrating Wi-Fi, traditional Bluetooth and low-power Bluetooth, providing highly integrated solutions that are widely used in various IoT applications. ESP32 modules.4GHz single-band 802.11b/g/n WiFi and dual-mode 5.1 Bluetooth, supporting UART-Bluetooth-WiFi-Ethernet data transmission.

It can support AP and STA dual connection, classic Bluetooth and low power Bluetooth connection. It can provide customers with secure, stable, simple and fast IoT application development and shorten product development cycle.

It can be used for IoT applications that require serial transmission, such as smart socket, smart light control, industrial wireless control, smart building, sensor network, home automation, smart factory, etc. The IoT is a network of physical objects connected to sensors, actuators, software and networks that collect and transmit data to accomplish user-specified tasks.

Among the wireless communication technologies associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), only WiFi can provide data throughput, energy efficiency, cost and easy-to-implement wireless connectivity through cross-vendor interoperability. WiFi has become a good choice for IoT connectivity, playing an important role in providing wireless networking, data transmission, video transmission and intelligent control.

More and more customers are demanding small but powerful serial WiFi modules. Serial WiFi modules make it very easy for developers to add wireless functionality to their smart devices. Their small size and high level of integration allow them to be used in a wide range of markets including wearable, smart home, smart lighting and industry applications.

The small serial WiFi modules allow smart home device manufacturers to produce the desired smart home end device products.

In response to the demand for data transmission, intelligent control and docking cloud platform services in the era of Internet of Everything, Feirui Technologies introduces Lexin ESP32 WiFi module with built-in wireless network protocol IEEE802.11 protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack, which can realize the conversion of user serial or TTL level data and wireless network to meet the needs of smart home, smart lighting, smart factory and smart in the field of Internet of Things It can meet the data transmission and intelligent control needs of smart home, smart lighting, smart factory and smart medical in IOT field.

WiFi+BLE Bluetooth integration module supports multiple data interfaces of WiFi and BLE Bluetooth, where WiFi interface is divided into UART interface and SDIO interface, WiFi and Bluetooth can transmit data through UART serial port with high integration, WiFi and Bluetooth

With the development and progress of science and technology, people's lives have changed dramatically. IoT establishes connections that enable things to talk to each other. IoT IoT technology allows users to enjoy smart life.

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