The sooner you know the five new knowledge with children, the better! Moms don't miss out.

Oct 11 - 2021

The sooner you know the five new knowledge with children, the better! Moms don't miss out.

There are also benefits to attending daycare classes for 1 to 2 year olds.

Daycare classes for 1 to 2 year olds are not common in our country, but are relatively common abroad because there is no one to care for the baby. Two recent studies show that choosing daycare actually promotes future communication and expression skills, and that exposure to a more cross-contaminated environment can strengthen a baby's immune system.

Comforting your anxious child...

When your child is scared, your first reaction is to comfort him, but a recent U.S. study found that some parental reassurances don't relieve your child's anxiety, they exacerbate it! Due to some inappropriate parental practices, it is likely that children will fall into the protection trap and lose the ability to regulate their emotions.

Experts suggest that parents use the following methods to teach them to help themselves and increase their confidence in facing difficulties. When you help your baby relieve stress, the process is good for your baby's health and the stress response can help your baby form new connections in the brain.

Moral standards from 10 to 18 months!

A group of U.S. researchers conducted interesting tests on infant psychology and Parenting Station found that 10- to 18-month-old babies also have moral standards of fairness, goodness and badness. For example, when the baby is assigned an unequal and equal number of cookies, the number of cookies assigned does not equal the number of cookies on their plate look longer. The researchers believe that this indicates that infants are aware of unfairness.

In another interesting experiment, the researchers showed a puppet show to 10-month-old infants. In a mountain climbing scene, one puppet helped another puppet climb to the top of the mountain, while another puppet pulled down from the top. Therefore, the babies like to choose the helpful puppet. It seems that children can also recognize bullies.

After becoming a mom, the morning routine is simplified to showering, brushing teeth, combing hair, and spraying some perfume.

Tidy your bangs, then put your hair in a bun, apply a simple makeup (BB cream, loose powder, eye shadow, mascara) and done!

Wash your hair every day, twice a week in the winter and spring is enough, and only the body parts, so it's quick. Makeup is also very simple, such as dark eyeliner, shiny eyeshadow. Also, try to have a brighter color of lipstick to make it look energetic.

Attachment is a good choice.

Babies tend to like attachment objects around 7 months of age, which is a way for them to want to connect with you when they realize they are separated from you. It might be a small blanket or a stuffed animal. If parents want to help their babies develop the ability to self-soothe, providing them with attachments is a good option.

Why do girls seem more precocious?

Girls tend to show better comprehension and language skills than boys of the same age. A recent joint British and Korean study found a reason for this - throughout a person's life, the brain continually optimally reorganizes brain neural connections, pruning excess connections to ensure that useful ones flow quickly and smoothly. Through their analysis, the researchers found that neural connections change at this age as the brain develops and matures, and that girls generally begin pruning the brain's neural connections earlier than boys.