As the Transportation Industry Struggles, Workers Wait for Federal Assistance

Nov 25 - 2021


Stewardess Association president Sara Nelson to say: "It's shocking, it's revolutionized our lives," the association represents 50,000 of 20 different airlines. Stewardess.

"The first thing we check when boarding an airplane is, do we have masks and gloves? Do we have hand sanitizer? Is there gauze that can wipe things?"

Nelson said that many flight attendants are already cutting salaries because they have fewer flights and now they face the possibility of layoffs or lengthy vacations.

"Then we went through the empty airport and wondered how long this could last?" She said.

The answer from airlines is not long: months or even weeks, the aviation industry is paralyzed, and thousands of workers may be fired or fired. The sharp decline in the travel industry has hit the industry. Airports and planes are almost empty, with some flights carrying fewer than twelve passengers, while many others are cancelled because few people are flying. The TSA screened approximately 331,000 people nationwide on Monday, compared with 2.4 million in the same period last year, a decrease of 86%.

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