Fruit acid peels for fair and smooth skin

Oct 28 - 2021

Fruit acid peels for fair and smooth skin

The continuous development of the times has given women more and more room for development in the workplace, but the high pressure of work and the daily exposure to computer radiation has also created more skin problems for women. The wide range of skincare and beauty market with different quality makes many women confused when it comes to skincare. The birth of fruit acid peeling technology has solved many women's skin care problems that have been bothering them for a long time.

As the name implies, fruit acid peels use natural fruit acids for skin care and cleansing. This technique is the safest skin care method with the least side effects. The use of high concentrations of fruit acids for peeling allows the aging keratin to soften layer by layer, increasing the rate of skin metabolism and creating healthy and beautiful new skin. Since natural fruit acids are used, they are a little slower in efficiency, and it often takes several treatments to eliminate acne marks and rough skin. However, it is undoubtedly the safest and most reassuring technique than taking a risk on the skincare market where quality is not guaranteed.

Another function of fruit acid peels is whitening. Modern skin care products are blindly pursuing whitening effects, adding hormones and other chemical agents, which sows more serious skin problems for users after they have tasted the temporary sweetness of skin care. The continuous accumulation of keratin allows melanin to accumulate in the skin, coupled with ultraviolet radiation and impurities deposited by the slowing down of skin metabolism during the aging process, the skin will become increasingly yellow and dull. The fruit acid has a whitening effect, fruit acid can whiten the skin, and less irritation without dependence, which is an important reason why many women love it.