Why do most people love to eat spicy butter hot pot?

Jun 24 - 2020

There are three main reasons for this.

First, the spicy alcoholic taste is enough

The pot of  hot pot(牛涮鍋) is the cooking equipment of the cuisine. What looks like an inconspicuous pot of hot pot oil contains the essence of dozens of ingredients, such as peppercorns, slightly astringent hemp, slightly spicy chili peppers, and slightly aftertaste butter.

The various flavors intertwine to create a rich, comprehensive and unique hot pot flavor. Gently place the ingredients into the boiling pot and wait for time to boil. Everything is woven into the ingredients.

You can taste the spicy and fresh flavor of the hot pot in every bite, and you can taste the jumping delicious molecules in every bite.

No restrictions or restrictions on ingredients

The reason is that with the help of various seasonings, the ingredients are released from their confinement and restriction. Like seafood hot pot is mostly used for blanching some fresh ingredients, such as fresh beef, nutritious seafood, etc. The light taste makes it heavier ingredients such as tripe, duck intestine or chicken claw, county liver.

Three, hot pot is a very chic way to learn to communicate

In the hot pot between fully understand each other's tastes, while the hot pot is dirty for a few seconds, beef is put into the pot to cook or clamped in the hands of the hot pot.

You can see if a person's character is impatient, and the food is hot, who can pick it up faster, which also tests a person's ability to "see all directions".

we can enjoy spicy, deeper understanding of the character and enjoy a happy social life!