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What are the pros and cons of online banking

Mar 11 - 2022

china unionpay card

Friends with online shopping experience should be familiar with china unionpay card online banking payment. The funds of the bank card can be debited directly through the network operation. Probably many people want to know, the advantages and disadvantages of online banking payment? What is the payment process of online banking payment? Here is a brief introduction to Legal Express.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of online banking payment?

The advantages and disadvantages of online banking payment are:

Advantages of online banking payment:

Breaking through the geographical and time constraints of traditional banking business, providing financial services to customers anytime, anywhere, in any way, not only helps attract and retain high-quality customers, but also actively expands the customer base and opens up new sources of profit.

Disadvantages of online banking payment:

1. Whether the business itself or the security through the network information system, there are great risks.

2. The operation is complex, requiring a series of operations such as downloading certificates, installing U-mask, logging in to the online banking interface, U-mask password, payment password, and confirming payment, which makes online payment too complicated and wastes time and energy.

3. At present, our bank's internal control mechanism is weak, the technical foundation is weak, and the social credit system is not perfect. The definition and scope of online banking, market access conditions and procedures, the security of online banking, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of bank customers, the regulatory requirements and legal responsibilities for online banking are not clear.

Online Banking Payment Process

1. Submit orders and selections online;

2. The bank makes payment and enters the Bank of China page;

3. Follow the prompts to complete the payment operation.

The difference between online payment and online banking

Online banking is a series of functions such as inquiry and transfer of traditional counters. Online payment is one of the functions of online banking. Open online payment, your card can not only check account balance, etc., you can also directly go to other merchants to consume things online.



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