Points to note in the installation and use of wireless modules

Jun 06 - 2022

Points to note in the installation and use of wireless modules

1. Do a good job of lightning protection and waterproof measures

Need to install the antenna equipment, once attacked by lightning, the communication link will be interrupted, the high voltage introduced into the wireless module system will also damage the internal control circuit, wireless modules companies resulting in irreversible damage.

Lightning protection and waterproofing are effective measures to protect the wireless module from lightning attacks and to ensure the normal operation of the wireless module communication link.

2. To have a reliable grounding

Reliable grounding can reduce the interference of noise on the wireless module communication equipment, improve the working stability of electronic components of communication equipment, ensure that the electronic components of communication equipment are not damaged by high voltage and transient discharge pulses.

Good grounding can make the communication equipment to obtain good shielding function, to avoid external electromagnetic interference, etc.

3. antenna to a reasonable installation layout

Before installation should carefully read the antenna design manual, there is no a special requirements, check the system antenna frequency band, power tolerance can meet the requirements of the enterprise.

Outdoor antenna installation height should be based on the need and the actual situation to determine. Should consider the transmission signal transmission distance, the surrounding interference and feeder loss, rather than the higher the antenna installation is better.

Outdoor antenna seat grounded well, not tilted, firmly installed, wind-resistant, corrosion-resistant, resistant to strong temperature changes.

4. Wireless module in the use of attention

A group of communication wireless module should be kept in the same frequency band, channel and wind speed should be set the same, otherwise there will be data loss, receive decoding and other situations.

Prevent the wireless module from being used in extreme environments that exceed the specified limits, such as high temperature, humidity, dust, low temperature, etc.

Choose a suitable DC power supply that is resistant to interference, has low ripple, and has strong power loading capability to ensure the wireless module can work stably.