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Gateway payment solution monitors transactions in real time

Jun 08 - 2022

Gateway payment solution monitors transactions in real time

The development of Internet technology has given rise to online payment functions, and now people can purchase various goods and enjoy home delivery services simply by sitting at home. In addition, offline brick-and-mortar stores are becoming digitalized, and a single cell phone can easily complete payment, greatly increasing the speed of transactions. Although online payment is convenient and fast, the security issue is widely concerned. While realizing online payment, a safe and reliable gateway payment solution is needed to protect the transaction process.

Gateway payment solutions monitor transactions in real time

The increase in the number of online payments can, to some extent, lead to fraud, but with gateway payment solutions, merchants can be served with advanced traffic management and automated cascading systems. The solution allows for pre-assessment of risk, transaction compliance checks, and flexible risk rules. When the system's automated fraud checks reveal suspicious transactions, the risk management team is ready to monitor the transactions in real time.

Gateway payment solution is compatible with payment business

In the past, merchants needed to go to different payment institutions to apply for accounts and queue long, the whole process is very cumbersome, and there may be incompatible situations in the use of various payment instruments. In order to change this status quo, Gateway Payment Solutions has made many attempts and successfully provided payment gateways for payment business, maximizing merchants' profits through innovative technology, making transactions more secure and reliable, and ensuring stability.

Gateway Payment Solutions creates diversified collection

Gateways payment solutions provide merchants with diversified payment methods, such as savings cards, credit cards, payment cards and electronic wallets, and can support multiple currency transactions, such as China UnionPay, VISA, MasterCard, etc., to meet the payment needs of merchants and end-users. Gateway Payment Solution is a one-stop solution that not only solves the problems of payment methods, but also effectively avoids fraud in the transaction process and improves the integrity of the transaction.

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Which system of payment is the best?

Paypal is secure because to 128-bit SLL encryption, free initial setup, and no annual maintenance fees. The PayPal app is available for both iOS and Android SDK. It offers many payment options and simple website connection. PayPal further supports QR code payments. It is a quick and safe payment processor.

Is there a payment gateway for Binance?

Companies that support cryptocurrency can use the Binance Pay payment option method thanks to Binance. Merchants can set up Binance Pay in their physical location for a contactless, secure cryptocurrency payment experience by displaying the store's particular QR code.

What distinguishes a payment system from a payment gateway?

Before transmitting a customer's credit card information to the payment processor, a payment gateway gathers and validates it. In contrast, a payment processor is a service that transfers consumer credit card data between your point-of-sale system and the customer's bank or card network.