Plastic material data analysis report, plastic material statistical analysis method

Jun 14 - 2022


Plastic is very common in daily East Rail Line Extension life, but many people have little knowledge for plastic. Plastic materials are classified according to the use of epoxy resin, divided into: plastic raw materials, mainly used in engineering and construction, agriculture and animal husbandry, external packaging and daily use industries. General plastic, mainly contains polymethyl methacrylate, polyphenylene sulfide class, polyurethane materials and titanic isopropyl methacrylate. Rubber products have characteristics close to those of metal materials, and can be used for construction products such as electronic devices, mechanical equipment, vehicles and airlines. The following microspectrum will explain the expertise in the field of plastic material analysis.

Plastic material data analysis report.

1、Composition testing reporting scope.
General analysis, unique demand property management software analysis, more analysis, dirty stuff analysis, failure analysis, by-product analysis, determination and qualitative analysis, unknown repeated, quantitative analysis of inorganic determination, plastic and plastic main component performance, etc.
2, plastic composition data analysis report efficacy.
Plastic composition analysis report is very common, in quality management, composition testing, commodity failure analysis, product improvement and other levels, the function of plastic composition analysis can be a deeper grasp of raw material composition, enhance and improve the popular orientation of the equipment.

Second, plastic materials statistical analysis methods.

1. Infrared spectral analysis prototype plastic parts- groups, organic chemical composition
Quantitative analysis is a kind of chemical substances based on the spectrometer to identify chemical substances and clarify its chemical composition, structure or relative composition of the way . According to the basic principle of analysis, the technical key of spectroscopy is divided into three types: spectral analysis, spectrogram and transmission spectroscopy. Infrared spectral analysis belongs to molecular spectrum, there are two kinds of infrared send and infrared spectrogram, and the common one is generally infrared spectrogram.
2.GPC - relative molecular mass and all over
GPC is a unique liquid chromatograph, mainly used in the polymer industry; organic solution as the mobile phase, common fixed immobile phase filler: butadiene - divinylbenzene polymer