A comprehensive comparison of the and disadvantages of training courses

Jun 09 - 2022

The popularity of the sales market course wine tasting hong kong content is the pick of most of the people who need Level 3 theory specific content for the daedal and engaged personnel. Today it is relatively very easy to obtain Level3 validation for CV recitation; but China has been qualified to set up WSET course content training schools to do 40 (excluding the branches of the units in the domestic region), are introducing the same series of course content, the future will eventually encounter a price war, course content monolithic more serious, overly biased to the basic theory, 2. ISA course content because of its ISA course content is endangered by its predecessor ISG branch, and eventually forced to jointly develop course content with Chinese education and training institutions, authoritative experts and high-end authoritative experts course content are basic theory specific content, and WSET sommelier course content is not significantly different, and at the same time also endangered by publicity planning, did not produce business scale.

3. CMS course content access conditions 5g nb and testing threshold is too high, generally only five-star hotels, Michelin restaurants professional sommelier can apply for success and according to the first 2 verification; to CMS ascending verification link, the difficulty factor is exponentially increasing, to now China engaged in the technical professional level of personnel, can be highly recommended by masters of the conditions of very few.

4. The course content of the SAC Sake Academy hk mtr is independently developed sommelier course content, there is basically no similar technical professional sommelier course content on the market; the course has certain access requirements, the frequency of classes at this stage is relatively frequent, basically every Sunday is the establishment of the course content; the teaching content of the practical operation share is higher than 50%, the subject design is more relevant to the needs of the Chinese market For the group includes engaged personnel and enthusiasts, the course content is applied, especially suitable for staff with practical requirements to learn training.

5. ESW course content is also the Chinese organization itself developed the content of the sommelier course, the specific difficulty factor of the course to be easier than WSET, suitable for novice wine enthusiasts to master the study and training, serious implementation of the depth and depth of professional knowledge breadth is slightly insufficient.

I look forward to the above content can have some assistance to the big guys to select a reasonable suitable wine course content.