What is the gateway module industrial IoT intelligent gateway WiFi module model selection

Jun 10 - 2022


In the period of information technology development trend, the Internet of Things products in the market is also full of the Internet of Things, showing the scenery of the Internet of Things, but also to everyone's daily life provides convenience. The IoT technology consists of a variety of protocols that give full play to their respective advantages together. However, to complete cat 16 speed the data connection, we cannot help but mention the gateway. In order to better facilitate product development and manufacturing, manufacturers will integrate the gateway and WiFi into a module, it becomes a gateway module. It is also called Gateway WiFi Module.

What is a gateway module? A gateway is a data connection to another Internet "gateway" that connects two machines and devices with different protocols. Gateway module has two applications: 1. for connecting two different kinds of Internet, it can and two servers and at the same time communication, in other words, two different servers want to connect, must use the gateway. For example, if a cell phone Bluetooth server wants to connect to LORA server, it must be transformed through the gateway. 2. Some IoT technology smart home systems and industrial equipment fully consider the total number and function loss and its cost, the choice can not connect to the network protocol machine equipment. But to complete the remote operation must add a gateway to convert the protocol into TCP/IP protocol to carry out the connection network, also called Ethernet gateway.

Industrial production system software is increasingly shifting from mechanical equipment manipulation to electronics manipulation, and the Industrial IoT Ethernet gateway is tasked with quickly assisting industrial equipment to connect to fast Internet technology and complete reliable Internet transmission of data. Industrial IoT Ethernet gateway is also called industrial production intelligence gateway, wireless data collection gateway, communication collection gateway, PLC wireless network gateway, industrial communication gateway, etc.