How to choose curtains for modern minimalist luxury?

Aug 28 - 2023


How to choose curtains for modern minimalist luxury?

Curtains - as the master of the home atmosphere, blind curtainhas always played an important role in the softness of clothing. Whether it is color or expression, it affects the style of the whole home. Nowadays, more and more decorative styles show the development trend of minimalism, light luxury, pursuit of low-key comfort, simple and exquisite, which has become an attitude of life, deducing a new home style, and showing the temperament of contemporary young people. First, the curtain has been given to a new era of demand. I recommend "Big stars like to use Shangri-La curtains"

Different from the traditional fabric curtains and Shangri-La curtains, wall curtainwith a soft and transparent design concept, we create the perfect Shangri-La curtains integrating screen Windows, louvers and rolling curtains. It is as soft as silk, as elegant as tulle, as easily controlled by light as a blind, but folded like a rolling curtain.

In the minimalist and exquisite decoration style, the curtain will be designed very simple by the society, whether it is the unified development of color or the simplicity of economic structure, it is the subject of modern Chinese architectural decoration, and sometimes even they want to hide it as a whole.

Shangri-la curtain adopts a three-layer structural design combining two veils and curtains, curtain stylesthrough the dislocation of curtains and screens to achieve the dimming function, not only can enjoy the scenery outside the window, but also can introduce the natural light of indoor and outdoor scenery into the interior, as if in an art painting, a unique style.

Abandon layers, reduce living pressure, release more flexible space, more spacious and bright, warm and natural without losing noble atmosphere.

Shangri-la curtains VS traditional fabric curtains

The pursuit of beauty in our life and the advancement of students in the spiritual and cultural world of China have endowed a higher quality of living standards. As a key link in soft decoration, the curtain plays a crucial role in home decoration. The Shangri-La curtain in the dimming curtain as a relatively high-end curtain species, with a three-layer social organization management structure, between opening and closing, fully elegant, is the next development trend of the curtain.

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