Mobile Connectivity: Stock Market Penetration Increases

Jul 22 - 2022

iot module manufacturers

Laptop market growth is sluggish and has entered the era of iot module manufacturersinventory. In recent years, the overall performance of the global PC and tablet PC is sluggish. In the case of PC, for example, the annual shipment of PC was 365 million units from 2011, and then declined year by year. 2020 shipments were 275 million units, 75% of the 2011 level. We believe that the global PC and tablet PC market has been in a relatively saturated state, the overall has entered the era of stock replacement.

In the domestic enterprise market, the penetration rate of communication system modules in PCs is still relatively low. According to Strategy Analytics data to show that the global cell phone shipments with a cellular structure function of mobile PC in 2020 continue to grow 70%, for the first time can reach 10.1 million, is the highest annual shipments ever. The current development, communication module in the domestic economic market PC penetration rate is still at a low, in the 3-5% left, our country expects the company's future society with China's network information bandwidth can improve, traffic management costs and the reduction of the price of terminal products, cellular module penetration rate will be further increased.

Omida estimates that global laptop shipments will reach 172 million units in 2019, and Chromebook shipments will exceed 13 million units. We assume that the market has largely reached a stable level. Future shipments will continue to grow modestly from 2019 onwards. Currently, with the exception of Lenovo's ThinkPad, which supports 4G modules, there are few or no other brands in the PC market, and we believe the current PC penetration rate is less than 5%. With the increase in 5G mobile communication rates, traffic has dropped to reasonable levels, and mobile office demand has increased, the full Internet PC penetration rate is expected to increase to 20% by 2025. The corresponding market space is $14.5 billion with a CAGR of 45% from 2019-2025, which is a huge market space.