University scholarship tuition and living expenses for mainland students to study in Hong Kong

Mar 13 - 2023

University scholarship tuition and living expenses for mainland students to study in Hong Kong

Every year there are thousands of high school students, successfully go to the university of their choice for further study, these universities are not only many excellent mainland schools, some universities in Hong Kong is also very popular, but compared to students in Hong Kong, some college students from the mainland to study in Hong Kong, there are certain differences in the university scholarships, the following we take a look at the mainland students in the scholarship and spending on what are the differences.

Mainland students have financial aid for college scholarships.

Hong Kong region is economically developed, the cost of studying there will also be higher, some mainland students to study there, if not local, then in the application for government financial assistance, may not qualify, so in order to allow students can ensure that there are enough funds to support their own completion of their studies, before enrolling, you can apply to the school is to apply for financial assistance university scholarships.

College scholarships for mainland students offer scholarships for outstanding students.

There are many schools in Hong Kong that offer scholarships for students entering college this year. If you want to apply, as long as the student's own high school entrance examination results are relatively good, or apply for a certain course of students with excellent results, of course, but also to meet the school's university scholarship application requirements. This can be obtained by the school, a certain faculty, the government or some donor scholarship.

Most of the university scholarship awardees are nominated by Heads of Academic Departments.

University Scholarships for Mainland Students: Amount

The current university scholarship for outstanding mainland students is the normal four-year undergraduate university period, the full tuition fee, and an annual living allowance of HK$50,000, which is the maximum amount of university scholarship.

University scholarships for mainland students open non-academic scholarships.

In addition to students with excellent grades can apply for admission to university scholarships, other areas are also eligible for scholarships, such as achievements in the fine arts, music and sports, such as achievements in international competitions, etc. You can also apply for scholarships from the university. The purpose of this type of college scholarship is to encourage students to be well-rounded.

In addition to the many university scholarships mentioned above, full-time undergraduate students in Hong Kong can also apply for many scholarships set up by many schools to ensure that non-local students can also complete their entire university without worry.