5G in the railway sector: a post about more than just Wifi for passengers

Oct 03 - 2022

5g wifi

5G: Your new strategy for freight yards

URGROUP has been constantly busy this summer, as it developed a strategy for Rolling Copymatic Machine

The MCG is managed by the company that provides the Wifi. As they are not consulted in its design, URGROUP can offer limited support for it. The public Wifi has a higher risk of security breaches, which can be dangerous for Industrial Operators.

With URGROUP for cellular routers, system providers can control their MCG needs and use a range of devices that are designed for CDAS, Pantograph Monitoring, Remote Condition monitoring and many other applications.

URGROUP's sensor network solutions integrate interconnected sensors with cloud solutions. Partners with Sierra Wireless, Net Module and Digi International have enabled URGroup to become a trusted provider of object connectivity that enables businesses to make sense of any data generated by the most sophisticated networks in the world.

URGROUP is working on a solution for insufficient cellular service at Freight Yards. They have partnered with Nokia to offer 5g wifi coverage and enterprise solutions that bring modern connectivity to these historically underprivileged industrial settings.

Bournemouth is the location of a key railway maintenance depot. It has enhanced safety control measures with a new system installed by Zonegreen.

Accident has done a complete overhaul of their system for points converters, and now are using the latest technology.

Points Converters were first installed at Bournemouth Depot, and they automate manual points by remote operation and protecting workers from potential injury.

In 2013, a paint facility was created for the UK's rail industry that has now been replaced. Zonegreen improved the system with an updated technology to create safer and more efficient sprays.

There are now points converters outside the paint shed. They can be operated from a control panel inside the building, which now gives positive feedback to show that the points have been changed successfully. The panel also was integrated with existing warning beacons to tell staff when it's safe for trains to move through.

Safety is paramount in Bournemouth's paint shed, so Zonegreen overhauled the existing system. Now SWR has their most sophisticated points converters yet, which requires fewer manual intervention and ensures greater safety for workmen.

Traditional hand points can both place a great degree of stress on the user's muscles and also be dangerous because they are often situated next to or near electrified third rails. Now, copymatic machines handle many of these tasks without the danger.


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