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A Guide to Choosing, Matching, Installing and Maintaining Shutters

Sep 06 - 2023

Blinds shopping tips

You would never guess that shutters are a type of window that originated in China, but modern shutters were invented by Americans. In modern decoration, shutters are widely used in bedrooms bathrooms and so on, due to its advantages, very beautiful, so it is loved by people.shutter window Then what do you need to pay attention to in terms of the purchase of shutters?

Blinds shopping tips

1, pay attention to curtain specifications

Installed blinds (i.e., blinds embedded in the window opening) should be the same length as the height of the window, the width of the window is generally smaller than the left and right one centimeter; exposed blinds (i.e., blinds hanging outside the window) should be longer than the height of the window about 10 centimeters long than the window is wider than the window on both sides of the width of about 5 centimeters. Generally speaking,sheer fabric small rooms are suitable for dark blinds, large rooms are suitable for bright blinds.

2, Curtain style with should be coordinated

Windows of different formats should be equipped with different blinds. If it is a general vertical window, you can choose general blinds; if it is a horizontal window, you can match the blinds, it will be very harmonious, consistent inside and outside, beautiful and generous.

3, curtain design pattern selection to choose appropriate

Selection of the pattern of blinds also has a lot to say. The layout of the living room with blinds, should be selected with a waterfall landscape pattern, can make people seem to be in the poetic painting. Decorating the bedroom can choose soft colors, elegantly designed botanical paintings,green fabric still life paintings or geometric pattern paintings.

4, curtains color space collocation should be coordinated.

The best blinds and room furniture and wall color coordination. If the walls are creamy yellow or white, you can match the creamy yellow blinds. The walls are light green, can be matched with gray or green blinds.

Blinds installation method

1.Roller blinds are a soft decoration for new family houses, basically used in the decoration of new buildings. Unlike the soft texture of curtains, shutters are made of wood, glass, aluminum alloy and other materials, because shutters have the advantages of resisting the erosion of sunlight, wind, rain and dust, and are easy to clean.

2, the general business in order to be more convenient for cleaning, we need to install blinds are not going to choose a fixed asset installation. If the household is small or students only one to two window system can be by choosing the casement way, sealing is very good. And folding way is suitable for doing multiple windows open learning way, generally used when doing partition or floor windows.

3,Shutters can be installed on the wooden sides to compensate for irregularities in the side or top and bottom retaining windows. If the window is cement, slate or other more difficult to fix the shutter structure, it is necessary to do the fixing of the lining wood and the wall, and then install the product on the lining wood.

4. In order to ensure the installation of the louvers, please ask the professionals to measure and customize the floor and wall after the painting is completed, and measure and reserve the size during the construction, so that the window pieces of the pillow type louvers can move freely. Different installation methods require different window depths, 8cm deep for fixed or flat installation. For push-pull installation, not only the width of the product's blades but also the number of layers of the installed product should be considered.