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Setting access passwords for computer files Ways to secure computer files

Sep 20 - 2023


How to secure computer files? How to set access password for computer files? In the process of daily office work, we may encounter some specific situations that require us to set access passwords for files in the computer in order to protect the security of the files. Next, we will share with you a few practical ways to protect your computer files with access passwords.

The easiest and most effective way to protect computer files is to compress the files or folders that need to be protected and set passwords.

By adding the corresponding files or folders to the zip file,convert scanned pdf to word online free large files the Add Zip File window will pop up and click the "Set Password" button.

From the "Set a password" window that pops up, enter the password that you need to enter in order to unzip the file or folder, and click the "OK" button. After that, you can click the "Start Compression" button to compress the system files.

To add to the compressed file, if you want to access the files in the operation, you need to enter the decompression password to access normally. The method can effectively protect the computer file security.

Because electronic documents PDF is widely used in the daily office of a document type, we can use PDF editing tools for a higher level of protection of such documents. In the file properties window, the security method is set to password protection.

"Encrypt PDF" window pops up, where you check the "Encrypt document everything" tab, and password-protected "access to the document" and "print or edit" permissions. Print or Edit" permissions. Through this method, you can fully realize the protection of PDF documents.

Although the above two methods can be encrypted for all documents, but there are some shortcomings. On the one hand, they can not control access to the document. On the other hand, the document is not enough protection and security, easy to be cracked by other types of software. A better solution would be through a tool that is specifically designed to encrypt computer files.

In addition to the need for encryption technology for these files after the operation, if we want to effectively control the access rights of the file information, for example, only allow users to "modify the relevant file", "copy files" or "print files "In the "Set Password" window, check the "Advanced Encryption" box and click the "Set Permissions" button. At this point, the teacher can set up reasonable access rights for different cultural types of this file.

In addition to the above functions of encrypting files or folders, you can also encrypt computer disk partitions, selecting the appropriate disk partition and encryption level can hide and encrypt the corresponding disk partition. In addition to the use of computer file encryption system can be used by other programs to occupy the file or folder completely destroyed and deleted to prevent the recovery operation, but also has a file and folder encryption and decryption functions to ensure the security of computer files, while its powerful "file access rights" management function, you can realize the "do not delete", "do not delete", "do not delete", "do not delete", "do not delete" and "do not delete". "Do not delete", "do not modify", "do not copy", "do not print", "Do not drag", "Do not save as", "Do not create", "Do not copy the contents of" and other operations, the use of encryption The use of encryption can realize the comprehensive protection of the file.