Mac on the good use of PDF annotation tools recommended

Oct 16 - 2023


As we say goodbye to the age of letters, to meet the advent of the information age, our writing tools have undergone radical changes. Electronic documents instead of paper, keyboard instead of pen, and annotation tools have changed. In the face of the daily complexity of information, simple notebooks or sticky notes are often unable to effectively identify and organize effective information, while electronic annotation can help us better annotate notes and organize our thoughts.merge two pdf pages into one page mac In this paper, we will introduce a very good annotation tool on the Mac computer - PDF Editor, and teach you how to use it to annotate PDF files.

1. Open the file

In the Mac computer to download and install PDF Editor, in the main menu, click "Open File" option, and then select the folder you need to annotate the PDF file.

2. Highlight

When you need to emphasize the article paragraphs, you can click "Annotate" option in the main menu in the "Highlight" button to display. Simply put, just like using a highlighter, highlighting is by changing the color of the space around the selected text to draw the reader's attention. You can use the mouse to highlight the need to cross out the region. PDF editor default to yellow highlighting, of course, you can also customize the color.

3. Underline display

In addition to highlighting, you can also click the "Notes" under the "underline", "strikethrough", "wavy lines " option, and then use the mouse to operate in the region can be. Remember to save the last so that the next time you read again can see the underlined content.

4. Add sticky notes

Whether it is reading literature or company documents, we often have some insights or ideas about the content of the article. At this point, you need to play the role of sticky notes. In the main menu, click on the "Edit" option, in the toolbar, click on the "Notes" button, and then click on the "Post-It". When you use the mouse to click in the article area, there will be a sticky note text box, you just need to edit the text box text can be.

5. Hand-drawn documents

Although the PDF editor is not design software, but it can also meet your design heart. You just need to click on the "Comments" option, click on the left side of the toolbar "pencil" icon, you can draw on the PDF file. If the drawing is wrong, directly click on the "eraser" can be.

6. Show and hide

When you complete the above notes, you want to view the document, you need to click the "mark" icon. When you click the toolbar below the list of additional options to the far right of the "View" icon, your comments will be hidden. When you want to show the annotation again, you need to click on the Trash icon again.

7. Delete comments

If you want to permanently delete the document in the notes, you need to click on the toolbar in the "Notes" option, and then select the appropriate annotations, click the delete key on the keyboard to delete the contents of the notes. If you want to remove all the annotations in a PDF, you need to select the type of bulk deletion or all types of annotations. After the deletion is complete, click Save File to save the file.

Above is the process of annotating PDF files with PDF Editor on Mac computer. Besides, you can also use the bookmark function of PDF Editor to categorize and organize the files, use the encryption function of the software to protect the files, use the sharing function of the software to communicate with your colleagues, and use the conversion function of the software to convert the PDF files into formats suitable for different scenarios. The last point, you can use PDF editor to improve your work or study efficiency, enjoy your own time!