When the hookah insecticide runs out, should I wash my clothes, bedding, cutlery, and mop the floor?

Feb 05 - 2024

When the hookah insecticide runs out, should I wash my clothes, bedding, cutlery, and mop the floor?

Using Shisha insecticides without washing may not leave a pleasant feeling for most people. fly killerThese insecticides have toxic properties, although they are only mildly toxic. They do not cause immediate harm to adults with strong immune systems, and they will eventually decompose in the air. However, there may still be residual issues to consider. Individuals with weaker immune systems or sensitive skin should take note as children may come into contact with their mouth, clothes, bedding, and any surfaces in the home. Furthermore, it is important to change drinking water regularly as the Shisha insecticides can dissolve in water.

It is divided into natural and artificial intelligence synthesises. cockroach insecticide spray Natural pyrethrin is extracted from the flowers of plant pyrethrin (red or white flowers), which can quickly paralyze small insects, and has a small residue, so it is widely used in insecticides.

Since natural pyrethrins are limited in production and are more or less present in most household insecticides, synthetic pyrethrins were developed to meet market demand. mosquito killer Natural pyrethrins can be gradually replaced to kill odor-sensitive insects, and patients with broad bean disease have greater access to natural pyrethrins.

It contains thyrine, geocrine, antipyrine, Safenin, alenin, Ciocrine, and Iphenin. Synthetic insecticide with natural pyrethrin molecular structure with excellent pest control efficacy: it has stunning and repellent effects, is low toxicity and safe for humans and animals, but is highly toxic for fish. EPA-certified sanitation is the norm for most of them.

Inhaled or touched synthetic pyrethroids can cause allergies, rashes, sneezing, wheezing, and even shock.

Animal studies have shown that biometrin (a synthetic pyrethrin) causes lung cancer.

In a scientific survey, it was also found that mothers who bathed their pets with bath essences containing a large amount of synthetic pyrethrin during pregnancy were more likely to give birth to autistic children, which may be related to synthetic pyrethrin's neurotoxicity.

Synthetic pyrethrins don't break down easily, so even months after use, they can still be detected in the air and house dust.