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Three kinds of mountain trails to find your own journey

Jun 24 - 2020

Three kinds of mountain trails to find your own journey

  Perhaps Hong Kong’s urban planning is so good that it is clear that going up the mountain wants to be close to nature, but many mountain paths are neatly paved with cement. Of course, there are always people who like this well-paved mountain trail, but for us, it still has a soft spot for the original mountain road.

  I always feel that if you are "down to earth", you might as well go shopping! Come to the suburbs and feel the uneven mountain trails?

  That being said, hiking preferences are different from everyone's ability. This time, I will introduce three common mountain trails in Hong Kong and experience hiking through different levels and moods.

  Taking an inventory of the roads traveled, I think that the common mountain trails in Hong Kong can be divided into three categories:

  One. Paved neat cement road;

  two. Well-tended hand-made trail (Eco-trail);

  three. Weathered gravel road.

  If you just want to walk easily, those mountain paths with floating sand and gravel are of course unavoidable, but the mountain paths paved with cement are not our cup of tea. What I like the most is actually the hand-made trails. From a green leaf, a forest, a mountain, the mountains that you feel on the long trails are complete.

  However, everyone's pursuit and degree are different. If you want to go from shallow to deep, you can try the three routes introduced this time to find your favorite journey.

  Neatly paved cement road: the first section of Tuen Mun Path

  Friends who travel in the mountains should find that many mountain trails in Hong Kong are paved with thick granite, including some sections of the four major trails and general country trails. These mountain trails are beautifully paved, with cement roads extending in all directions, and the forests are like extensions of the city. Later, it was found that the granite surface was smooth and easily slipped after rain. I remember that there was a Tuen Mun trail after a rain. It was originally a one-star entry mountain trail. There were many flat roads. Almost the entire road section was paved with granite. But if you walked after the rain, even the flat road almost slipped. Is it really easy? It's not necessary.

  Moreover, the cement road is really boring. I wonder if you have passed the road from Lion Rock to Wong Tai Sin? Every time I walked down the mountain, I felt bored and shouted. Therefore, if you take this kind of mountain trail, I think you must also consider the characteristic elements on the road, such as the first section of Tuen Mun Trail.

  In addition to the Castle Peak, one of the three spires of Hong Kong, Tuen Mun also has another relatively easy short-distance parent-child route. In addition to the back hill of the residents of the area, Tuen Mun Path also attracted many people to visit the rainbow railing of the punch card. The starting point is next to the "Finally Ending Plaque of MacLehose Trail Section 10" next to He Futang Academy. At the beginning, there are many steps, but the whole section of the road is smooth and it is very easy to walk. When you come in the morning, you will encounter many morning passengers. After ascending the mountain, the landscape is open, and you can enjoy the scenery of Tuen Mun. Looking across the Qingshan Mountain, you can still feel its momentum at a high place.

  Hand-made trails blending with nature: Maigongjigongshan section

  Hong Kong mountain trails face the problem of "stone formation". Fortunately, in the early years, there were a group of mountain friends who were committed to helping maintain the mountain trails. Therefore, when climbing up the mountain, there are still many mountain trails that retain the original mountain appearance. I remember when I was hiking, I also found some well-repaired mountain trails, made of wood and stones from nature, paved and built artificial stone paths, stairs, etc., blending with nature. This "hand-made trail" is a mountain trail management system that is more friendly to the environment. The Jigongshan section of MacLehose Trail is a good example.

  The third section of MacLehose Trail is the most difficult section among the ten sections. The starting point is in Beitanao, climb to Niu'ershi Mountain, Huamei Mountain, Leidashi Mountain, and then to Jigong Mountain. Kilometers, mountain roads are mostly made of mud and stone, retaining the original appearance of the mountains and fields.

  Brief introduction of Yugui Mountain route information (click to enlarge):

  Sandy road with severe weather: Yugui Mountain

  At the beginning of the mountain, the most feared thing was the Shashi Road. When I first went hiking, I didn't even have a pair of regular hiking shoes. I started off wearing ordinary sneakers. One of the trips to Yugui Mountain was particularly impressive. Now I think it is really young and ignorant.

  Although Yugui Mountain is often introduced as a one-star or two-star novice route, but this seat is located on the hill of South Island, not entry at all. Yugui Mountain is only 196 meters above sea level, but the mountain trails are severely weathered. If you wear ordinary shoes, you must be mentally prepared to "lump down the mountain." I had this unforgettable experience a few years ago, and immediately went downhill to buy a pair of walking shoes.

  Although it is not easy, this hill still has its appeal. Dengyu Guishan has three options: difficult, medium and easy. The mountain is not high, but the scenery is very vast, overlooking the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, Ocean Park, Lamma Island and so on. The only way to climb down to the Liandao sandbar is to pass the duck's platoon and reach the lighthouse.

  To this day, there are more hiking, slightly improved technology, and adequate equipment. Sometimes we fall in love with challenging such advanced mountain trails, such as the hinterland of the green mountain, the snake tip, etc. Like to walk on the sand and stone road to test physical fitness and technology, more enjoyable. Please note that before you go, you must measure yourself with sufficient physical strength and hiking experience, and make preparations before any journey!