【Blood glucose diet】3 recommendations for nutritionists to practice low-sugar diet

Jun 24 - 2020

【Blood glucose diet】3 recommendations for nutritionists to practice low-sugar diet

  Sugar-reduced rice cookers have recently become one of the most popular home appliances, because it is a great news for those who like to eat weight loss or diabetes patients. The sugar-reducing rice cooker greatly reduces the sugar content in the rice, claiming to reduce the glycemic index, and is very useful for people who need to control blood sugar and reduce the absorption of carbohydrates. But is the sugar reduction effect really effective?

  Sugar-reduced rice cookers can be found on TV or social media. Sugar-reducing rice cookers have become popular in Japan. Taking the Japanese appliance brand Thanko as an example, a sugar-reducing rice cooker that can reduce sugar by up to 35% was produced at the end of last year. Although the price is relatively expensive, there are still many fans.

  Because the price of reduced sugar rice cookers is more expensive than ordinary rice cookers, and the housing in Hong Kong is relatively thin, it is not that everyone has an extra place to place an additional rice cooker. Therefore, some people on the Internet also share how to use simple kitchen utensils to achieve low-sugar cooking at home. The method is similar to the sugar-reduced rice cooker, except that all people cook it.

  Can sugar-reducing rice cookers and low-sugar cooking methods really reduce the sugar content of white rice?

  After seeing the sharing of the low-sugar cooking method, the reporter was novel because it is more practical and cost-effective for a savory family than buying a new sugar-reducing rice cooker, but there are more steps in cooking than in the past. The reporter interviewed Lillian Wu, a certified dietitian (Hong Kong Society of Dietitians) about the effectiveness and principles of low-sugar cooking and reduced-sugar rice cookers. The original results are different from those mentioned in the publicity.

  People with diabetes and weight loss can also eat rice or noodles!

  Although the effectiveness of sugar-reducing rice cookers and low-sugar cooking methods is in doubt, Lilian said that in fact people with diabetes or weight loss can also eat rice or starchy foods. She pointed out that many people have misunderstandings about rice or starchy foods, thinking that they cannot eat starch or eat very little when controlling blood sugar or losing weight. In fact, during the control of blood sugar or weight loss, the sugar in rice or noodles has an important role.

  Can I lose weight after eating overnight meals?

  A reporter once read an online article that after refrigerating cooked rice, the starch in it will become resistant starch, which is more satisfying than freshly cooked rice, and the body will not absorb the starch in it. Quality, so that the body can consume the fat accumulated to achieve weight loss. The article also refers to the fact that refrigerated rice has been reduced by a little sugar and starch. Is it really all right?

  Lillian said that part of the starch is converted into resistant starch due to aging. It is a kind of starch that is difficult for the body to digest, which can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and maintain intestinal health. Although the resistant starch cannot be absorbed by the body, the amount of resistant starch produced by the actual rice after cooling is not obvious, which may not effectively reduce calorie intake and has little effect on weight loss.