Proper treatment after burns

Jul 18 - 2021


There is a mnemonic for the daily treatment of burns - "flush, take off, soak, cover and send."

"Flush" means to rinse

In the case of degree I and II burns, you can put the burned area under the faucet and flush it with clean, flowing cold water for about 30 minutes, the water does not have to be too fast, using the flowing cold water to quickly take away the local heat and reduce further thermal damage.

"Take off" i.e. remove the clothing from the scalded area


Remove clothing from the wound while flushing with cold water. If you can't remove it by hand, you can use scissors to cut the clothing, but be careful to avoid hurting the skin or breaking the blisters with the scissors. If there are rings and other items, but also the first time to remove, so as to avoid the late local finger swelling difficult to remove.

"Soak" that continue to soak with cold water

Continue to soak the burned area with cold water for 10 to 30 minutes to not only relieve pain but also to further dissipate heat. If the area of the burn is large, you need to pay attention to other parts of the insulation to prevent excessive heat loss too quickly.

"Cover" i.e. cover the wound


After the above steps, cover the wound with sterile gauze or a clean towel and fix it, this operation can keep the wound clean and reduce the probability of infection.

"Send" means send to hospital

If it is a deep burn, such as deep II degree burns and III degree burns; or if the area of the burn is relatively large, go to a nearby specialist hospital that can treat burns as soon as possible to receive further treatment. Of course, even if the burn is mild, if it still does not improve after a week, or if there is redness or purulent discharge from the affected area, you should go to the hospital for medical treatment in a timely manner.

Burns can cause more than just pain; they can even cause shock and infection in serious cases, so proper treatment is important. It should be reminded that some folk methods of treating burns, such as applying toothpaste, soy sauce, anthracite, alkali, purple potion, red mercury, etc., will not only stimulate the trauma, but also deepen the depth of the trauma and increase the chance of infection, so be sure not to use them. The best way to deal with burns is to remember the recipe and to seek medical attention in a standardized way.