How to buy children's dining chairs

Dec 28 - 2021

How to buy children's dining chairs

1. Material

Children’s dining chairs are generally made of solid wood, plastic, stainless steel, etc., but solid wood is generally better. The solid wood dining chair has its own weight and good stability; it has high friction and strong grip; the material is thick and not easy to deform; it is environmentally safe and beneficial to the health of the baby. plastic materials are also safe and non-toxic materials, but they are lighter and will age after a long period of use. Stainless steel is often used as a stool foot, which is easier to fold and carry, but the durability of hollow is not as good as solid wood.

2. Thickness

To ensure that the baby is safe and stable on the dining chair, Best Baby High Chair,the material of the dining chair should not be too thin or too thin, otherwise the risk becomes higher and higher as the baby grows up. Generally, the thickness of the board should be more than 50px, and the thickness of imitation board material should not be purchased. It is a 25px dining chair.

3. paint

General dining chairs are painted, and generally inferior paint will use banana water as a diluent (banana water is irritating to the eyes and mucous membranes, high concentration inhalation can cause central nervous system damage, even liver and kidney damage), containing benzene and other harmful Substances should not be touched by babies. When shopping, try to choose products without paint. If there is paint, choose a dining chair sprayed with environmentally friendly paint.

4. height

Baby’s meals have different heights. It is recommended that mothers use a dining chair that is as high as their own dining table. If you are unsure, choose a dining chair that can be adjusted in height to suit various occasions.

5. Brake

If Mommy likes a dining chair with wheels to save effort to move, then you must choose a dining chair with brakes that can be fixed to avoid accidents. However, the editor of suggests that if you only use it at home, try not to choose a dining chair with wheels.

6. Backrest

Buying a dining chair with an adjustable backrest can adapt to the needs of the baby in different grades of the chair, so that the baby can stretch freely despite the constraints.

7. Fold

Foldable dining chairs are equipped with a locking device. Make sure that the device is complete and purchase a device that is easy to operate, so that it is convenient to use.