Some ear thermometers require earmuffs, while others do not

Feb 23 - 2022

Some ear thermometers require earmuffs, while others do not

The original purpose of earmuffs is to avoid cross infection. This society is necessary for the use of one in the hospital.

But the Chinese use themselves, it is more convenient to have no earmuffs. If we are concerned about contamination for cross analysis, the probe can be wiped with an alcohol swab or swab.

In short, in the eyes of the beholder, earmuffs are only suitable or not, not good or bad.

But for users,braun digital ear thermometer, it must be noted that if you need an earmuff with earmuffs, then you must use earmuffs, otherwise your body temperature will be high; if you do not need an earmuff with earmuffs, Then you can't add an earmuff, otherwise, your body temperature will be too low.

In addition, earmuffs are easily damaged and soiled, so be sure to check and replace them frequently before use.

Strictly follow the requirements of ear warmers for earmuffs. It should be used for certain problems, and it must not be used if it should not be used.

Before using earmuffs, please check whether students are damaged, clean, and replace them frequently.

Tips 1:

When the ambient temperature of the ear thermometer changes, please place the ear thermometer where it needs to be used for half an hour before using it.

Tips 2:

The ear thermometer probe is fast in and out in the ear (provided that the position is good), and the probe can be avoided to work for a long time in one ear.

Tips 3:

After an ear thermometer, if you want to continue taking measurements, stand for a few seconds (if there is a patient, try for half a minute if possible).

measure posture

First of all, we need to clarify the part where the ear thermometer actually measures: the tympanic membrane. If the probe is not aligned with the eardrum, the temperature will be lower.

The eardrum is located in the innermost part of the ear canal and is not straight, so we need to straighten the ear canal as much as possible.